Bold Over by Inspiration

Scot monument in amongst the pop up Christmas villageBold Over by the number of likes that I received over the last few days by blogging directly on rather than self hosted.  Which fits neatly into todays #blogging101.   Quite an inspiration to feel that positivity.

Came across Fragile and Blowballs, on my neighbourhood travels.  I know blowballs as dandelion clocks where I come from and I loved the metaphor that the author introduced around the seeds covering large distances just like a blog.

I thought I’d try and introduce my own bit of wisdom, inspiration.  As I walk in each day to work the pop up Christmas Village is starting to grow, bit by bit, everyday there is something new.  My observation is that this doesn’t just happen in a matter of minutes….a bit like blogging.  It takes hard graft and time and over time you build something great!