Chunky Oven Chips

Oven ChipsTried to sneak some oven roasted potato wedges past my nephew this lunch time.  Unfortunately he wasn’t having any of it despite serving with sausages.

We thought we were being really clever, both in using the veggie box staples and catering for a fussy eater who we knew liked chips.  I think that my youngest tipped him off and from that moment on it just wasn’t going to happen!

Place a good sized oven tray into the oven at 180°c, with a little rapeseed oil.

Prepare your chips. We used 2 baked potatoes,  peeled and as best you can cut into straight chunky squares.

I then par boiled for a minute just to take the cold chill from the fridge off them.  Probably not necessary…..I just wanted these to work!

Carefully put the chips onto the heated tray and place back in the oven.

Turn over at 15 mins

At 30 mins sprinkle with a little salt

At 40 mins probably done, depending on how chunky they are