Blackford Beef

Nothing like snow to bring out the joy of life especially when you don’t need to get to work in it.  The boys couldn’t contain their excitement as we agreed to go up blackford hill.  It was a two cups of tea breakfast just to get the body moving and awake. Our boots magically appeared all lined up at the door.  A realisation from the youngest that if he kept himself busy, at the same time as aiding the cause then we would get out there quicker.

Yesterday had been a good day in the kitchen.  I’d turned my perusing and pondering into reality.  

From Kitchen Diaries iii

  • Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cheesecake
  • Aubergine gratin
  • Slow roasted beef ribs
  • Focaccia

Notes to self:  Start the cheese cake the day before needed.  Less of a faff than first thought and it’s a keeper.  Just delicious and does get better with age.

Aubergine just loves olive oil! It’s very thirsty.

The beef ribs were massive, they caught with in the first hour, resulting in tin foil (our inherited oven does  have heat spots and not very good at regulating the temperature). Did I say the ribs were massive, more than enough meat.  I ended up stripping the bones rather than presenting on a plate and we had more than enough for two meals.
All three served as a meal worked well.

Don’t pretend you will only eat half the bread and save the other for the next! Just won’t happen.