Switch from PC to Mac – the silence

Mac MiniStill can’t believe how quiet the mac mini is. Just awesome! On the downside I’ve only managed a couple of hours a week to stroke my new machine due to family general grind and that has been taken up with updates!

There should be an update embargo for the first week or so when you buy a new product so you can play without interruption. Do I really need that fix for iPhoto that makes it work with the latest and greatest canon that I won’t be able to afford in my lifetime (apologies if you are that user)….oh no it comes with a security patch….that must mean there is a great big hole that I need to fill…..update update update! Just to go off topic slightly…updates are even appearing on modern electrical goods. Turn on the TV for the first time. No no no, don’t think about watching your new TV straight away….you need the latest and greatest version .00543 and 20 minutes later you turn tv back on and off…to the then get a notice that there are new channels to be added. I’m just dreading the day the washing machine is wifi enabled and there is a security hole that needs fixing in case your white pants come out pink. I make lite of the whole update thing only because that’s been my main focus and I really do want them, and without them how would we get the latest tweaks.

So like a bunny caught between headlights I’ve been upgrading between eating breakfast when the kids are busy getting ready for school and starting to look at my iTunes migration when the kids have gone to bed!

I’m also a Spotify user and this downloaded no problem. Went straight to importing my local files which annoyed me. Easily fixed in preferences.

Apple Super drive…..hmmm. I gave this a shot this week as well, very neat and looked great next to my monitor, but the USB cable supplied is a joke in terms of length. Also not happy with the noise……I’m started to sound like a noise freak now. I turned my PC on once (it’s normally on constantly so I’m used to the din!), I thought there was a small hurricane coming in! Anyway the noise of the drive detracted from my Apple experience which is a shame. I’m also not a fan of the no eject button….I know I know….why would you want to quickly press a button when you could locate finder and then a few track and mouse clicks later get the computer to eject it!

This weekend….more iTunes migration planned…..we’ll see.