Weekend Coffee Share – Post Denmark

The coffee is strong this morning, I wasn’t in charge of the number of scoops…..I’ve taken a few gulps and gone back for some more hot water…….that’s better.

Back into the swing of things now although the schools haven’t gone back. I’ve been trying to hold onto that holiday vibe whilst trying to jump back onto the project express at work…..and it is fast.

Writing up my notes from our Danish Adventure, has been happening and a nice way to review and reflect on the journey. I always think I’ll blog about the holiday. It never happens but this time with a little determination and the fact I took a few notes as I went has helped.

For those that popped by for coffee last weekend, apologies for repeating myself…updated links are here:

Before we got away for the holiday we’d managed to get the patio done and replaced. After 3 years of being here the garden is finally taking shape. I’d been worried that the new lawn wouldn’t have had any rain. I’d needn’t have worried I came back to a mini jungle. I’ve started to dream about pots, planting and sorting out all the other niggles. I’ve got a big re-pointing exercise around the wall. Having pulled out a few wall hugging plants.

Had to re-start my sourdough project, one of the casualties of the Fridge giving up the ghost whilst we were away. Thankfully the warmth and the fact I had some good organic wholemeal…it looks like I have a new starter in the wings. Had a disaster with a new recipe for Rye bread (taken from Copenhagen book) a ferocious mould within a few days. Might give it one more go…..if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

The Edinburgh Festival has kicked off and in full swing. I was fortunate to attend the opening classical concert with my favourites being the John Williams Star Wars, ET and Superman sections.

Edinburgh Internation Festival – LA Philharmonic

Hope you are doing well and thanks for sharing coffee, I know the weather front is crazy for some folk. Yo-yoing extremes, the sun is blazing at the moment at the same time I can hear the sky rumbling, I hope all is well.

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Weekend Coffeeshare

The weekend coffee share, is a great place, gives me something to aim for, thank you for popping by.  Hosted by Eclectic Alli

Mathieson Butcher Edinburgh


This in my parlance is what I’d call a proper butcher.  With no airs and graces the guys in here do service with a smile, they know the locals and always quick with a joke.  The prices feel honest and true, and you get the feeling of family values and of a time when people always shopped locally.  I’ve been in the queue on Christmas Eve to hear that people have driven across town just to get to this butchers shop.

I looked for a website to share a link, in true form this butcher doesn’t have one and it pleases me to know that their reputation is enough.  With a bit of digging I came across the Grange Association website that makes a mention of the store setting up in 1902 by Andrew Mathieson, with a little history of Ratcliffe Terrace and how it came to be.  I wonder if the house I’m living in built in 1895 were customers of the same shop when it opened?

It’s only now as I write this that I realise you can smell the history when you walk in,  the floors are wooden and the little accounts office still sits neatly against the wall, sometimes with a man in it reading a trashy newspaper.   The signs have the old script painted with the various cuts labelled and a space for the chalk price.  Don’t come in with an idea of buying six thighs because the Sunday supplement calls for it.  The cuts here are traditional, if you want chicken pieces they are jointed there and then.   I don’t see this as a bad thing, more a nod to sustainability and staying true to one’s trade.  The exception I know of though is the chicken breast which I know they buy in to meet the demand.   Venison is kept in the freezer and so are the beef ribs (which I bought once…to try a recipe I’d seen in a supplement!)

Links: Grange Association

Earthy – Edinburgh Causewayside

2017-11-04 10.18.23 HDRThe weekend is here a chance to recoup and connect with my foodie drive.  I’ve kept myself local today and this feels very much a decadence.  Earthy the local foodie emporium.  I look up to see the lollipop pop lady who serves the nearby primary school, I know she lives closer than I so I shouldn’t feel to guilty!

I’ve been to the butchers across the road, stewing lamb for a Rogan Josh  (my Indian course on Tuesday) and pork chops for the Nigel dish I have planned for tea.  The boys are out sporting and amazingly I’ve carved out the morning to myself.

Earthy is one of those places that’s had to grow and adapt as it got more and more popular and sits in my if you do things right people will pay and come bracket.  It’s a ram shackled place off the beaten track so you would be forgiven for just walking by, maybe in a previous life a garage or warehouse from the 60’s.  Open brick and steel girders, reclaimed wood for the counters, solid wood tables and benches should give you a feel for the place.  The scones, the salads, the cakes, the quiches all look home made on the premises with a very relaxed wholesome and urban feel.

My wife always on the hunt for a good scone tipped me off that they were good here and today was my time to try (although I think I’ll be in trouble for trying without her!).  The humble flour, raisin and butter concoction is taken to another level here with addition of pistachios, chopped into wedges the size just shy of a small builders brick was something to behold.  It arrived warm …..enough said.  The coffee brewed by the Italian style Electra was good not to strong I only wish I’d gone large to keep up with the pace of the scone.

I’d love to linger longer, it’s quiet today, to have another coffee and while the morning away.  The home list is long and I promised I’d take care of lunch.  The beauty of this place is that I can now pop upstairs and get a few extra things.  I’m hoping to find a squash or pumpkin to roast.  The kind that smacks of good wholesome growing, not the kind that are engineered for Halloween!

Links:  Earthy Causewayside

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Red Onion Squash for lunch

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Rhubarb Gin

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Which #edinburghgin to choose

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I’m not sure what’s happened over the last couple of days, I’m feeling a little more upbeat. Perhaps it’s the fact that it was actually light when I cycled into work. Or a day of zero meetings and a feeling of freedom as I ticked off a few tasks for me. Still driven by email, at the same time an element of feeling slightly in control.

Even managed a lunch break trip, dictated by a very kind benefactor who’d recently given me a £20 gift voucher to spend at Harvey Nicks. I joked with my colleague that the face recognition system would alert security to a new face and no doubt I’d be followed until my affordability credentials were ascertained.   I can certainly vouch for it representing a different world as I passed the glasses of champers with the ladies lined up in order to have their nails done. I knew on the 4th floor they had something that represented a food hall and I was looking for a tipple to suit my pocket.

I’ve had my eye on the Edinburgh Gin bottles for a while now and never really gotten around to putting one in my basket.   I just love the colour of the Raspberry, however the boss has a certain penchant for Rhubarb.  Not that we’ve tried it in Gin before.  So I was up for taking a chance, a gift, an opportunity to find a gem by trying something new.

We weren’t disappointed.  The gin has a lovely undercurrent of the juices left behind from baked Rhubard.  Very aromatic and a subtle flavour that’s very moreish.

I now have 50p left on the gift card….eating away at me!  What to try next….