I was visiting the tailors a shop of real magicians on Thistle Street.  I’d plucked a small hole in my suit trousers, which they repaired for £2!  With a smile on my face as I left the shop I made a chance discovery of The Bon Vivant’s Companion, a contemporary and modern take on traditional spirit merchant offering all manor of spirits, wines, beers & what I would call specialist liqueurs.  In this case I was in the market for a bottle of Limoncello.  

This is one of those places where there are a treasure trove of delights, but the assistants are right on your case before you get your 2nd foot through the door so you don’t really get to get your bearings before your asked how can they help you.  I knew what I wanted, and barely had a few minutes in order to get back to work so I was happy to take part in their game.   Lo and behold the assistant was an avid fan  of Limoncello!  I stupidly made the mistake of asking how would one normally serve it.  To which the response was as it comes and to suggest any other way would be sacrilege.  I kept it quiet that I had other plans for it (Jamie’s Limoncello Kinda Triffle) for fear of being banned from the shop. So with purchase in hand I looked at my watch and decided that I could spare a few minutes to look round. Much more pleasurable knowing I’d out foxed the assistants….they’d got their sale and I’d got my stolen browse of the worldly libations.

This a lunch time purchase with the sun in glorious flow I thought we’d get a wee aperitif in the garden when I got home from work.  It wasn’t to be, the clouds had arrived and the gin was already on the go in the front room with our favourite cuz stopping by on her way hom from work.

So I’m now looking for the opposite word for aperitif…..digestif, taken after the meal.  We were more in the night cap stakes, post 9 pre the news at 10.  Which with hindsight we probably should have waited for the sun.  I very much feel drinks are a mood thing and and this for me is a sunshine or cocktail drink. On first sip it’s very sharp and I was left wondering if this was the right thing to continue with, I was determined though and a few sips later I started appreciating the lemon notes.  The boss, exchanged for something a little sweeter and this was reserved for the trifle I had planned and my original intention for the liquid.

I’ve seen Limoncello before, often luminous in colour, this bottle a fantastic healthy looking yellow and on looking up its heritage it came from Bepi Tosolini a distiller in Udine, Northern Italy with the lemons being sourced from the Amalfi Coast.

Next time, I think I will serve with soda or lemonade with the the view of making a grown up San Pellegrino Limonata!  Also the best of Anna Del Conte has a great syllabub recipe with poached pairs.  I have a cunning plan.