Weekend Coffee Share – End of the Box

Good morning, we are up and at them this Sunday meeting for coffee…..nice and breakfast early.  Half the house is up an early football match with a 9.30 kick off.  

A fortnight of rainy days here in Edinburgh that’s seen a scary amount of water drop from the sky, the temperature has plummeted as a result and I’ve been choked full of cold since mid week with a bit of a crescendo head fug Friday, Saturday which is finally lifting.  It came out of nowhere and I can only put it down to the change in temperature that has coincided with the boys going back to school.

The sun in the garden yesterday was a welcome relief and despite my head I got out and pottered with some pointing.  I have some very old walls where the mortar has seen better days.   I’ve also come across further remains of an old pine tree stump.  I’m finally at the sorting out of a corner at the bottom of the garden, and disappointed to find out that a stump I’d paid to be ground down was only taken so far.  Just going to start digging it out myself.  Otherwise my plans aren’t going to work!

Kitchen wise we took a bold decision to kill the weekly veg box.  The boss had asked for the potatoes to be swapped out a few months ago (I missed them).  Then something just snapped in us, I think it was the arrival of some strange squash, a kholabi and pullet eggs.  Nothing against pullet eggs, but they don’t stretch far on egg night with two teenage boys appetites.  I’m sure the box guys would have put things right if we called but we are the not the sort of folk to complain.   So we are calling time on an end of an era.  

Strangely it’s given me a sense of excitement that has surprised me.  On one hand seeing what came each week was good fun and I loved the field to fork ethic….on the other I hadn’t realised that it was constraining my cooking and I’d got into the habit of having to clear the fridge of left overs and I was cooking them all the same way usually in a stew or soup because of time constraints.  So feeling both liberated and sad.   The plan though is to hit the farmers market every over week or when I do the butcher run.

Bread…my new sourdough starter is fighting fit and almost feeling stronger than the previous one. The Rye experiment from Denmark still not going to plan….another case of a mouldy result. It’s feeling like it’s not meant to be and I might resort to cross breading and performing some kind of experiment with my healthy starter.

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Weekend Coffeeshare

The weekend coffee share, is a great place, gives me something to aim for, thank you for popping by.  Hosted by Eclectic Alli

Weekend Coffee Share – Campsite Peace

If we were having coffee, it would be at a campsite, the door of the van open and the air though cold would be welcome and refreshing.   Its been raining since yesterday afternoon and at this moment in time there is nothing to rush for.

Its early and the campsite is coming to life, the ebb and flow of the caravaners coming and going.  The Sunday paper run for the guy who doesn’t walk anywhere as he comes back from the shop.  The dog walkers, the umbrellas, the dressing gown walk to the showers.  Its all just drifting by. 

In this moment I find an element of peace.  The boy on the top bunk is still fast asleep and I’m enjoying watching the rain clouds float by. 

This is my post for the weekend coffee share, thank you for popping by, if you like my ramblings and want to hear first hand how I’m getting on in the kitchen as a cook then please subscribe at the top right, to either my WordPress account or my picture diary (instagram feed).

Weekend Coffeeshare

The weekend coffee share, is a great place, gives me something to aim for, thank you for popping by.  Hosted by Eclectic Alli

#weekendcoffeeshare – Swiss Memories

2017-07-11 08.59.04

If we were having coffee it would be outside in the morning sun, served with breakfast.

The cares of the working world left behind, the list of chores around the house slowly fading, there is nothing I can do about them, so they slowly dissipate.

I have access to the world on my phone, work email is a thumb press away.  It takes huge resolve on my part not to just take a peek. A habit, a need to know everything is ok or give something a nudge if it’s not.  The intermittent Wi-Fi locations and the need to be in a vicinity of a Wi-Fi antenna at the campsites we stay at has helped me break a habit.  The only thing I crave is an Instagram hit, or a Facebook check.

The thing about holidays…you start to think differently, the daily demands of the mind start to unravel at the edges.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s still the constant demands of the boys and camping comes with its own heartbeat of chores.  I’ll be going back to work for a rest on that front.   It’s the moments where your mind gets to drift, the first coffee in the morning if your left in peace and those moments when you’re first up.

The campsite is at peace and the sun is just stretching it’s legs, different shadows and a freshness about the air.  TCS Bönigen – Interlaken is just on the corner of lake Brienzersee with the magical colour of turquoise on the door step of awe inspiring mountains………and breathe.

This was a few weeks ago and I’ve been desperately trying to get back into the rhythm of work this week at the same time as keeping my mind free.  The garden is helping and I came back to glorious sun flowers in the garden……

I’ve been working through a few resolutions that are putting my brain into overload and wrenching my time management skills into action…….I’ll leave you with one thought that is sticking in my head.   What you do, gets done!

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Weekend Coffeeshare – Coffee and the Boat

This morning we are having coffee on the ferry between Newcastle and Amsterdam. An overnight crossing that gets us into Amsterdam at 9.30 so plenty of time to ease ourselves into being ready before we are allowed on the car decks.

The night was fraught with tossing and turning. It was hot, the air dry with no ventilation. I’m glad I didn’t partake in any beers last night as today would have seen grumpy dad…big style, I feel hungover as it is due to dehydration in the night.

Breakfast buffet is 17 euros each, so we have blatantly broken the bring your own food rule, the forbidden sign staring us in the face, supplemented by a coffee from one of the many bars at marked up price so I don’t feel that bad. The coffee, It’s surprisingly good, hot to the right temperature I like and I was able to add that dash of milk that makes it just right.

Thanks for joining me for coffee…very short and sweet, like ships in the night!

Thanks to Nerd in the Brain who hosts the Weekend Coffee Share.

Coffee in Madrid (Motteau)

2017-04-14 11.36.52

If we were having coffee it would be at Motteau on the corner of Calle de San Pedro. We came by it by chance, it didn’t feature in any guide book and if it did it would spoil it. The place has three/four tables, and comfortably sits 10 folk at a time.

The coffee came just as we like it, a nice big mug and although I’m starting to get used to a espresso, I still don’t think you can beat an Americano with your cake.

All the cakes are made on the premises in the kitchen right next to the seating area. The chef’s are in full view separated by glass and a marvel to watch in there confined space that is kitted out for all manner of creation.


Today we have a choice of things to eat. A white chocolate, pistachio and rose candy pastry, a slice of carrot cake, a walnut brownie and a meringue and caramel twirl.

2017-04-14 11.51.15 2017-04-14 11.17.41

It’s a shame we only managed to find this place on our last day!  If this was going to be our vocation it would be the sort of place we’d liked to run…….to dream!

Thanks for joining me for coffee, thanks to Nerd in the Brain who hosts the Weekend Coffee Share.

Coffee and Porridge 

img_3273If we were having coffee , it would be alongside a steaming bowl of porridge, soaked the night before to aid with it’s unctuous creamy texture. For me porridge needs to be thick and hearty rather than a runny gruel.

We’ve been a man down this week, the passing of time now marks our youngest going off to school camp with tails of abseiling, rock climbing, canoeing and team building. We’ve been left wondering who might return.

The evening meal has been devoid of the usual bickering, taunting and the rising stress levels that accompanies the evening meal. It’s been quiet, the conversation considered without interruptions. Our eldest having to tune into the adult conversation, bringing his own topics. Tales of the subject choices he’s thinking of taking alongside his dreams and aspirations. The new world includes Modern Studies and Engineering Science alongside the classic sciences now known as STEM subjects, his knowledge already far superior to mine at his age…..along with more knowledge on the world than I have at this age, embarrassingly so.

I’ve managed three runs this week and boy have they been hard, getting up that 20 minutes earlier, still dark, still cold. No movement on the weight front. It doesn’t matter though the main benefit I’m looking for is mental health, a change in my well being and state of mind. Our house finds this time of year hard, work is frenetic as the final throws of what must be achieved on the technology front is completely out of step with the resource available. A mixture of regulatory must does versus the appetite for growth opportunities and process improvement. A run in the morning seems to take this demand, the stress of it all and spits it out and chews it up turning it into something different, development opportunity, skills utilisation and just work.

The porridge is eaten slowly, with blueberries and chopped banana, the time for reflection is over. Time to get to work.

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If We Were Having Coffee – 14 May 2016

2016-05-12 18.12.31

If we were having coffee we would discuss how dry it’s been but cold. I’d tell you how exciting it’s been coming home each night to see the progress on the kitchen.  I’d get my phone out and show you the pictures and you’d nod your head in agreement that it looks great.

Deep down you’d be thinking that looks like a crazy building site and why would you put yourself through the dust and the mayhem.   I’d be trying to point out the features, the nooks and crannies.  We’d talk about what’s still to be done and then we’d discuss how we are managing without a kitchen.

I’d explain we’ve been cooking in the loft.  A left over falling to bits student kitchen which despite its ramshackle appearance it’s like a little home from home.  The boys start their breakfast without us with the radio re-tuned to Radio1.  On appearing I immediately do the dad thing and change the station to my choice of Radio2.  It’s not like I’m torturing them with a high brow radio 4!  To which I get the moans and a few awwghh Dads, but it settles down with the usual chomp of rice crispies.

I’d talk to you about my spotify tracks…..My retro album of choice this week has been Disco by the pet shop boys, an album that takes me back to my Walkman sat in the back of the car drowning  out whatever was going on in the world at the time.

The new song discovery is this years British entry for the euro vision taking place in Stockholm this evening…You’re Not Alone by Joe and Jake .  A great poppy tune gets everyone into that summer vibe whilst we are camping in the loft.  The remix has been added to the scribble playlist that’s under construction.

I’ve had coffee with a couple of other folk over the week, and enjoyed hearing about having a proper blog plan Literati-Girl   And enjoyed Millysguidetohappiness.  Then I stopped by Trents World

I’ve got various cooking ambitions despite being hampered without an oven, it’s like my right arm has been chopped off, but I think it’s more that a fall back has gone and since I’ve been looking for recipes that are quick simple and easy the oven seems to feature a lot.  I hope to share in due course.

Until next weekend, thanks for popping by.

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Our Faithfull Bialetti

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If we were having coffee I would tell you it feels like 10.30, but really it’s 9.15.  It’s funny how all sense of time changes when you wake up early.  Today it was 5.25 when I snuck out of bed, work churning through my mind. The things that I needed to get down onto paper (think Jerry Maguire) or more appropriately powerpoint.  The house started to move at 7 with the usual weekend activities, the youngest geared up for football and despite the eldest trying to eak out the minutes of a lie in he’s up and ready for swimming.

This weekend we are in the final throws of clearing down our kitchen, the builders move in on Monday and I’ve already taken some shelves down, cleared out some old cupboards.  To say I needed a coffee and that small piece of brownie left for my mid morning snack was and understatement.  As the front door closes it’s straight to the hob and the single Bialetti.

Our Bialetti is a trusted classic espresso maker that has seen us through a good many changes over the last few years, the discolouring, the browning and warmth of use marks the passage of time.  I wonder whether this will work on the new hi-tech induction hob that’s on it’s way and with a pang of guilt knowing it won’t  it’s in that moment I’m transported to the Piazza Della Republica in Florence where we bought the pot on holiday as a momento of the trip.