Beef Ribs

Holding true to my goal of challenging my cooking habits and trying to mix things up in the kitchen I’m trying the rib recipe in diaries number iii this weekend.

This makes me nervous on so many levels…..

  1. My oven experience at the moment is either on or off.  Great for cremations not so good for slow cooking.
  2. Our butcher is great, but I’ve never seen beef ribs in the display cabinet.
  3. I’ve been given free reign for Saturday night tea…..but have I been given the off piste free reign that this is taking us?
  4. The recipe calls for marination, that means up front preparation, and that means thinking ahead!

One of those rare nights when I’m on duty for pickup of both boys from their respective points of education with a tight timescale of getting one to their music lesson.  If I add on 5 mins I can squeeze in the butcher.  Knowing full well our butchers is open early doors and closed sharp.

We got there around 16:45, to find all the trays gleaming and empty….bad times I thought.  The butcher beckoned us in, ‘what you after?’.  A couple of sausages for the boys tea, no problem….anything else.  Do you have any beef ribs?  A long shot going through my mind and the dread of some rebuke.   Only in the freezer and they are £2 each.   Stunned, the price seemed fine, what did ‘each’ mean.  As he opened up the freezer and got a glimpse, too late to say no now that he’d gone to the trouble…..definitely looked like it would cover the 8 I needed.  At £4 I knew I’d got a steal, and covered the main ingredient……I left with a smile and two frozen rib bricks.

As I got the bricks home and thought about the practicalities, realisation sunk in, the recipe asked for short ribs.  No way we’re these babies going to fit in a zip lock bag!    The hunt for a container ensued and success was found in using a large cake Tupperware box.

The marinade was pretty easy and filled the kitchen with a lovely aroma, given the size of the ribs though, not sure it was enough.  Committed to the cause though, I applied it last night and gave it a turn over this morning ……….and that is where we leave this adventure for now!