Dance, Love, Sing

A reboot or an awakening……It’s a bit of a grand statement ‘the awakening’.  It was more a moment in time, we’d both woken up on holiday four or so days in.  We’d both finished our novels and about to start our new books.

By coincidence we both reached over and got out our next books, mine…this is not a diet book and hers Fit At Mid-Life (A Feminist Fitness Journey)

I made some glib comment about fitness being a problem for everyone, and then we discussed how it was a follow up to a podcast where a couple  wanted to become the best 50 they could be….it resonated with me as I lay there thinking about how the weight that slowly is creeping on and thought about the mozzarella, ice cream and the odd beer I was having in Como….Followed by the thoughts I am on holiday after all!

Just another one of those holiday I need to change thoughts you get when you have time to think, a little time to act…..this though I saw as a catalyst to create a countdown for me.   Way past the point of saying I’m in my mid forties.

A way to jump off the track I was on and use a marker in time to create the me I wanted to be both mentally and physically.

I intend to blog about this journey as a way of motivation….to remind me of this moment in time.