Tattiehash or Tattyhash

tattiehashletter_webOne of my first posts of a previous long forgotten blog was a tribute to my gran, I’m going through a consolidation and clean up exercise. It is only fitting that I re-peat and include this recipe for completeness. It’s the only recipe that I feel was passed down to me and only out of student desperation and a longing for some home cooked food did I ask for it. My Grandad who is still rocking at 97, has no recollection of any recipe collection so although this a very simple home cooked scran it’s dear to me.

So this, the first recipe that I remember asking somebody for whilst I was away from home at university was Tattiehash. In this particular case from my Grandma where I’d written to her to ask for the recipe. I’m sure google was a twinkle in somebodies eye back in 94, but back then the best person to ask about the north west of England fair was my gran and I really wish she was here now.

So without further ado, transcribed from the reply:

Have you had a go at making Taty ash yet, (sorry I should have said potato) grandad told me off for saying tatty ‘funny fella’. Well I will write it out for you the way I make it.

Peel one onion and slice it up
Put 1 tablespoon oil or lard into stew pan
Gently fry onion with this for about 10 minutes, give it a stir up now and again
Now if using uncooked meet add this sliced up to the onion and stew with water added for another 10 mins then add sliced up potato. I would say bout 3 potatoes depending on size.
If using corned beef, dice that up 1/4lb and put in about 10 mins before end of cooking, season to taste.
In all it will take about 1/2 an hour, give it a stir up from the bottom now and again and add a drop more water if too stiff. I also put an OXO cube in when I add the meat, dissolved of course in a drop of boiling water. I hope you can understand all this, but after the first time I am sure you will find it easy. Good luck (test potatoes before switching off). Let me know how you go on

There are a couple of things in there that would have struck me as obstacles, the guessing on potatoes and the size. There is also no water quantity! The things she took for granted and knew on instinct…..which is part of good old fashion cooking.