Welcome to An Edinburgh Cook.

The ramblings of an IT guy with a collection of cookbooks that brought down a set of newly installed shelves (They were heavy and I have too many!).   Lives in Scotland, works in an office 5 days a week and a wannabe outdoor adventurer.

Over the last few years I’ve been writing this blog in fits and starts, mainly following the weekend coffee share as a reminder to contribute something. At the turn of 2020 I decided to start again, start the clock again and try and introduce a mental re-start, a body jump. Mainly a countdown to 50 as I try and get my body into a state of being the best 50 year old I could be.

The last few months has seen me put on few more pounds and to be honest it’s more than the last few months…I’m constantly on the knife edge of being overweight from a Body Mass Index perspective.   I’ve got my usual excuses, the weather on the run up to Christmas. Dark leaving for work and for coming home from work. The bus in, then sat at my desk for a good few hours and then the bus back. Comfort eating in an environment where I’m bombarded by the modern world of information overload and the demands that go with it.

I’m genuinely excited to start this refresh, track this journey, and try and start a new phase. 3 years to try and turn back some of the damage and put a few more years on the clock for later in life.

It’s more a journal of random ideas and postings, from a guy who likes to cook. Thanks for popping by.