Welcome to An Edinburgh Cook.   A guy with an iPhone and a few too many cookbooks.  This is my place to share my thoughts on my foodie exploits as I aspire to grow in the kitchen with a smidgen of outdoor adventure, basically Scran and Scribbles.  Thank you for popping by.


Either a Scottish or Northern word for food which suits me down to the ground coming from the north of England and now having spent longer living in Scotland than I have England I’m proud to call myself an honorary Scot.

I grew up on pork chops and chips and if it wasn’t pork chops it was chicken and mash potatoes from the pressure cooker. There was always fruit, and strawberries featured highly in the summer. My Dad made a lot of wine from various fruits, but I never paid much attention.  He’s the only person I’ve ever known to burn boiled eggs!

My Grandparents were my earliest influencers in the kitchen although it’s only now that I realise it.  My sister and I used to stay every other weekend. My Grandma would be juggling her job, aiding with Cricket teas, delivering a Fruit cake for someone’s celebration at the same time as making fairy cakes or a stack of scotch pancakes so that I could race my Grandad over to see who could eat the most. My Grandad had a great vegetable patch, always bringing in healthy stash of potatoes and carrots, and around the side of the house 4 Gooseberry bushes. I often think that when I roll out a bowl of home baked rice pudding to the boys or let them lick the whisk that she’s looking over me and smiling.

Day in day out we are bombarded with food and choices and new recipes and maybe it’s because its my interest I notice more, this is my log book and way of sharing what has worked for me or not as may be the case! This is a record of the food I cook for my entertainment and my escape as I peruse another cookbook, food blog, magazine or newspaper….there is so much to try out there and I hope this gives you inspiration to try some of the books on your shelves!


My thoughts and my scribbles as a I meander through it all.  As an aside I work in technology and this site is a let out,  an opportunity for the tech development that I don’t get to do any more, a place where the politics are mine for the time being and a chance to train myself and grow as a writer as well as to indulge in a little social media. The opinions are my own and I’m speaking from my own personal perspective.

I regularly take part in the weekend coffee share as my way of laying down where I am in the process of blogging and life, its a great community of bloggers.

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  1. Great to catch up and read a bit more about you. Your grandparents sound wonderful. My Dad was one of seven and about half of them were still living there when even by the time I finished school, when the house was sold. Meals were massive and when we were staying there for a week while my parents went overseas, Dad told me to be quick to get some food. It was the house of the “hungry hoard” and you’d miss out. I don’t think anyone’s ever grabbed their food that fast.
    This is reminding me to have more family meals around the table. Our standards have dropped and eating dinner around the TV is the norm. Our family room has air-con and heating and the kitchen table is often occupied by other stuff. However, connecting around the table is so important for building connection in the family.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks Rowena, appreciate you reading my About page. We would sit round the table at my grand parents, great memories. Our table is the only place where we really share our day and I think it’s really important….its getting harder and harder though, especially at weekends. Good luck clearing that table 🙂

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