By the light of the full moon

If we were having coffee we’d discuss how the days are really short now, like someone switches off the light at 4 and not back on until 9.  The days being bookended with great views of a full moon.  Thursday night I felt like if I could just get a set of step ladders long enough I could have reached out grabbed it.  Majestic as some clouds whisked by.

The Christmas food mags have started to appear in my digital feed and I’m not ready.  Still in a final 3 year house push before we get some new carpets.  What I’m finding under the old ones makes me shudder.  The skirting boards are getting that much needed lick of paint and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m winning even though  the back is still moaning under all this different movement.

In terms of exercise I’ve managed to walk home 4 times this week as part of the routine.  3 miles or so in the dark.  Taken some will power to leave that 10 minutes earlier and to not stand at the bus stop.  Getting up in the morning has been a different matter….it’s down right cosy under the duvet and 10 more mins always seems appropriate given the weather!

It’s a short coffee this weekend.  I don’t want to lose the natural light coming into the house as I tackle some more painting.

I’ll leave you with an Emeli Sande track which seems appropriate as she’s in town this evening.


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Weekend Coffeeshare
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4 thoughts on “By the light of the full moon

  1. A couple Christmas magazines have come to me too – I have to get through Thanksgiving first! Loved your coffee share today. Thanks for inviting me in.

    1. Saves a few cents/pennies and just keen to make sure clean up done properly and I can get at the skirting etc. My back is not happy!

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