The Old Coffee Pot

The coffee pot is old and lost its sparkle, but makes amazingly good coffee like a wise old sage.

Is it just the novelty, the way gas heats water or just expensive coffee?  The storage jar give us no way of knowing.

The whistling kettle decided to work on our last day like a message of don’t go, its been nice having you and as I finish this post for the weekend coffee share I’m brought back to that moment of quiet in a foreign kitchen.

Going to bed early, we seemed to wake early allowing me to watch something magical.   Watching a different town come to life even before the bells start….which they did at 7:30 without fail.  Then the school kids a few mins after that like a swarm of bees as I looked down into the alley way below and then quiet again.

I’m sat at the kitchen table typing on my iPad reflecting, drinking coffee and dreaming about my blog, me and the inevitable trip home and the changes I wanted to make.  I breathe and try to soak in as much as I can.  We have the morning here before we need to head to the airport.

We’ve been back a week now, I’m dis-appointed with myself.  Foolish I know as I need to give myself a break…getting up at the crack of dawn in the cold and pitch black isn’t conducive to heading straight to the gym.   There are a bunch of organisation things going on at work that means the hours seem to be busier than ever which adds to the tiredness.

A highlight of the week is the announcement that Coldplay have made around a new album release.  I’m loving Arabesque which was released as a taster.


And my cooking, and even though the last thing I wanted to do on a Monday evening was go out again, I made it to  week 4 of a Persian cookery corse.  A really simple but tasty one pot dish….  Chicken, bulgur with pomegranate molasses

The plan for this weekend, is to revolutionise my study corner.  Turn into a little haven that I keep, tidy and organised.  I’ve carted things around from home to home….the stuff piles up and it’s time to just make it right.  I feel some mind tormenting games as I wrestle with the will I ever read that or use that games the mind plays!

This is my post for the weekend coffee share, thank you for popping by, if you like my ramblings and want to hear first hand how I’m getting on in the kitchen as a cook or my latest adventure then please subscribe at the top right, to either my WordPress account or my picture diary (instagram feed).

The weekend coffee share, is a great place, gives me something to aim for, thank you for popping by. Hosted by Eclectic Alli

8 thoughts on “The Old Coffee Pot

  1. The coffee pots at the top brings back many memories. I’ve never seen them in different colors though. I hope you’re having a good weekend, thanks for the coffee, and the Coldplay song.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in those colours before so had to get them out the cupboard in a display 🙂

  2. Your coffee pots remind me of our yearly sojourn to Lake Hope State Park in Ohio, USA. Back in the early 70’s we would rent a cabin for a week, there, and Gram always had her handy coffee pot. I remember sipping her brew, I was maybe 6 yrs back then, but already addicted to morning coffee. And I can really identify with waking before the city does. There’s something special about that last hour of silence in the wee hours of the morn. I love to be up, then, too.

  3. Hi EC and thanks for the visit and the reminder that I too need to revamp my work area. Sigh. I’ve really let it go and now it needs help badly. Perhaps, right after my next mug of Darjeeling – ummmm.

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