Weekend Coffee Share – Use a bigger bowl!

If we were having I’d welcome you in with a kink in my back. I’ve been nursing it all week with Ibuprofen.  I can’t even attribute it to anything other than a vicious sneeze and perhaps too much time in the hot seat at work.

Since we last had coffee the weekend’s have either been taken up with work or the back garden.   Work, a major project delivery with a few overnights involved.  There’s light at the end of the tunnel for now until the next phase.  

Then the garden which is really taking shape, the stump was finally removed, allowing me to finally get some shrubs in that have been in posts for too long, crying out for space being in pots for a couple of years whilst we get ourselves sorted.

Spending so much time outside in the garden I’ve really noticed the change in temperature and the garden coming to the end of season, which is sad in one way, in another though it’s harvest time.  I’ve got some really nice apples ready to be picked and entering into my favourite month of the year in terms of fresh produce. 

A new shed arrived this week which I’ll be painting later on, and I’ve been given the steer to cook a meal for two given the nephews are over. So I’m now racking my brain now……thinking which cook book to go to.

So a week into September, what you going to cook?   I’m still on with my bread journey, working through the recipes from my Danish book.   Lesson from last night.  Use a bigger bowl! And using the same dough for two loaves you definitely get a better result using the dutch oven.

This is my post for the weekend coffee share, thank you for popping by, if you like my ramblings and want to hear first hand how I’m getting on in the kitchen as a cook or my latest adventure then please subscribe at the top right, to either my WordPress account or my picture diary (instagram feed).

Weekend Coffeeshare

The weekend coffee share, is a great place, gives me something to aim for, thank you for popping by.  Hosted by Eclectic Alli