Billund to Skagen

Day 5…….

Cowboy, Toilet Door
Cowboy, Toilet Door

The whole place awash with western Lego images, country music playing through the toilet block.  It’s been a pleasant short sharp stay in Legoland campsite.  The plan always to stay one night and move on.  As part of the package we were given or opted for the two day ticket.  

The youngest wants to milk the deal for what it’s worth, the 15 year old non commital and the adults ready to move onto the next adventure.

Sensing an opportunity to get a morning of adult time we strike a deal of the boys getting to the park for opening time whilst we wrap up and get a coffee in Billund.

Dropped the boys by bike off at the entrance to  Lego land, checked they got in ok and arranged to meet them back at the bikes for 12:30.  Finished packing up the van which was practically done and moved it off the pitch to the check-in car park, reception gave us a free voucher for the parking and we headed into town with our bikes.

The centre of Billund feels very much under re-development around the heart of the newly built Lego house…more a museum come homage to Lego without the amusement rides. Very strong design and Apple feeling, shop felt special compared to Lego land. Large open space and could easily have whiled a day away here. Does feel very much aimed at the younger Lego enthusiast though. It was just nice to enjoy the vibe. The tree in the middle is awesome, the Lilly pond, the dog at the lamp post and the ice cream stall just great to see. If I lived locally I’d get myself an annual pass for sure.

The bakery in town was just what you could hope for, way too much choice, seats and great coffee. Alongside that came across a great kitchen shop Imerco….which we’ll speak of some more later in the holiday.

Back to the van, our bikes on, then picked the boys up at there bikes and good as gold they arrived at 12:30. Rolls were had and we were on the road…..good nice summer vibe through the fields, Meny supermarket and ice creams, another hour.

Drive went fine until we hit the tunnel, at Aalborg, this added on a hour and then the roads were fine again.  Stressful awning pitch up as everyone wanted to muck in and be helpful which just made it harder.  Determined not to crack, I relented, got into direction mode and took a few deep breaths.

Simple pasta and Ragu tea from the freezer that we brought….which was just perfect, with a glass of red in the sunshine.  Up until this point just felt like we’d been waiting for this moment a real taste of being on holiday.  Finished the day of with a cycle around the campsite and a beach walk as the sun went down. Idyllic.

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Day 6, Skagen is coming… part of the Danish Adventure

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