Ribe to Billund, Legoland

Day 4….

When ever I mentioned Denmark in conversation as our summer destination I was either met with chat about Copenhagen or Lego.   Denmark being the home of Lego how could we not visit with two boys in tow (that was my excuse!)…..and the good news we could camp right next door.

Legoland Billund

Camping in Ribe we woke at 7 to the alarm and the sun blaring through the canvas vents.  The boys in a tent beside us, we were packed up for 8:40

Popped into føtex for sandwich and breakfast number 2.  Huge disappointment as the sandwiches we spotted yesterday weren’t ready so it was mad dash picnic gather.  Bread rolls, ham and pre-sliced port salut.

The drive fairly easy 55 mins, through fields of wheat, barley and flowering potatoes.  Driving through the arable land on traffic free roads calming.

As we approached Billund the traffic was fairly light and as we approached Legoland a small traffic queue was forming for the Legoland carpark which we cut short by taking the campsite turning.  Our pitch was ready, so no temporary parking issues. Into the park for 10:30 looking for coffee.   We could see someone had one but couldn’t find an open station, we ended up in pirates cove on a boat waiting for the pirates café to open at 11 which seemed like the standard opening time for eateries.

Coffee and pastry fuelled we were  good to go.

It’s a theme park, and food wise the usual was on offer.  Did walk by a Mexican place and passed someone who had a bowl of appetising  bean stew that made me look twice.

We’d opted for freshly baked rolls from the supermarket as per above and left the teenage boys which left myself and the boys wanting more, the wind was taking its tole on our appetites.   In comparison to our small rucksack, which did get searched people were taking in small trolleys and cool boxes.

We bailed out at 4, getting our hands stamped for a re-entry later for the rides that are just that much more quieter.    The boys got onto a few things a couple of times this way without queuing at all.

The campsite as you can imagine is busy, reception was busy, they have pitches and sleeping options of all shapes and sizes.  With differently themed areas.  I don’t think I’ve ever listened to as much country music in my life and couldn’t help singing along to the Gambler whilst brushing my teeth.  Public areas are good, communal cooking area and seating area all good.  Camping at Legoland is a short distance from the site, but definitely recommended.

Legoland for my eldest, a 15 year old at time of writing…..probably on the verge of being a bit too old, that said he went back in for the morning the day after on our 2 days for 1 deal as part of the camping package.

All time favourite hero

Day 5, Billund to Skagen is next…..as part of the Danish Adventure

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