Hook of Holland to Ribe, Denmark

Ribe Cathedral

Day 2…..

A long long drive lengthened by a key junction being completely shut near Bremen.  The diversion sign missed or invisible to the naked eye sending us in the complete opposite direction.  The Garmin and I had a serious falling out as it insisted on taking us straight back into what seemed like miles and miles of a tailback.  In the end I cut through some of rural Germany using my internal compass and a battle of will against the tech.

We arrived at the Ribe campsite, at 7pm almost 11 hours of being on the road. 

The wind a howling we were in no mood for cooking anything let alone the chicken drumsticks from yesterday.  The site café minimal in its offering did have pizza on the menu and a pint of draught beer.   Slowly things were put right in the world.  Cheese, bread and beer…what’s not to like.

Day 3…..

We eased into the day with an excitement of being in a new place and nothing dictating our attention, a coffee, some muesli and then a small cycle into one of Denmark’s oldest towns.

Ribe, quaint and beautiful we realised fairly quickly it was closed except for a few random shops and eateries.  It was a Sunday and a country known for its work life balance was sticking to its traditions!  We were happy meandering and cycling through the streets letting the new location soak into us where every doorway had amazing flowers.  Came across a house I just couldn’t cycle by captured by the Rose bush. A cream and a pink almost…..edible.  My name for it is marshmallow and candy floss.  I’m trying to find the real name of it now.

The wind was a blowing with a cut through the cloth kind of chill.  We were not really prepared for the first day of the holiday.   Holidays in the summer are supposed to be warm right?  There was some discussion before we left about Denmark being level with Scotland geographically which didn’t translate into packing wind proofs.

Rather than a mad hunt we took refuge in a place that just looked so appealing from the outside, a mixture of an épicerie come coffee shop.  A couple of things were off the menu for it being a Sunday, so we ended up digging into the platter options and a cup of coffee that didn’t disappoint.

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Great Coffee and Epicerie, Ribe #epicerie

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Some more cycling around town, supermarket drop, back to the pitch for a little R and R.  Got ourselves organised for tomorrow’s move on, a bit of tea prep and then a bit of another cycle through the countryside.

The day seemed to brighten and although the wind stayed we warmed up….we were on holiday.  The wheat fields rolled by, the crops of peas and corn a mix of colour that just soothed the soul.  As part of the cycle we came across Kammerslusen at Ribe.  A canal lock that joined up with the sea barrier,  a great view with this part of the world being very flat.

We closed the day with tea in the communal cooking area, a luxury kitchen…..what a way to camp!  

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Communal #cooking #denmark🇩🇰 camping style!

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The journey continues……Ribe to Billund is coming soon, and the previous day can be found here


Ribe Camping is part of the Elite Camping group.  From the Ribe campsite I’d definitely consider the others in the chain.

Terpager & Co,  https://www.terpagerogco.dk, Great little coffee and french speciality shop.

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