Weekend Coffee Share – The start of a Danish Adventure

Did you sleep?  It was the first question I was asked after turning the alarm function off, we’d both woken before the buzzer kicked in.  I had, but I don’t think my brain had rested was my response.  I felt hung over with no drink involved.  The start of our holiday.

Destination Denmark…… a big travel day, Scotland to Harwich to take a ferry overnight to Holland and a small job to do via the auction house.

The coffee is strong and I’m sat at the computer doing some final admin, playlist adjustments and a few thoughts on waking.  The bikes need to be loaded onto the back of the van along with the last odds and sods that seem to be spread round the house in various piles.  The joy of a camping holiday allowing you to take all the silly creature comforts that you need.

I write four sentences before I have to flip to my work email, realising that I’ve not checked since going to bed….the project I’ve been working on is flagged red by testing for the mere fact we are running to time and taking an environment away and he’s probably got tests to run…..I really need to get away.

We get two miles down the road before a voice pipes up from the back, ‘I’ve forgotten my pillow’.   Needless to say I didn’t consider it an essential item.  When I was a boy I didn’t get a sleeping mat, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t get a pillow….We didn’t turn back.

We’re away for two weeks so the van is packed within an inch of its life alongside this we have some temporary cargo.  The drive down includes a trip to an auction house.  Both bitter and sweet, the toys of my childhood have been valued quite highly so worth a slight detour.  I try not to think about the sentimental value as I handed over the boxes, the Snow-speeder, the Ewok Tree village and my prized Millennium Falcon. 

It’s a new ferry crossing for us so new roads, new timings and we’ve just recently come across the book ‘The Extra Mile’.  A guide to the foodie places that are just a few miles off the motorway.  I’m up for supporting local businesses that provide great food at a reasonable price rather than motorway fodder at day light robbery prices.

Lister Farm:  Butchery with a huge selection of bbq wares, it was surreal.  Opted for a herby drumsticks….I’m always amazed by the number of chicken breasts on sale compared to the other bits and pieces so although I like a chicken breast as much as the next guy sometimes I can’t face thinking they’ve been massed produced in a battery barns whereas I hope the leg cuts are left over from some form of butchery, a more reliable source.  I know the butchers around the corner from home they come from a blue plastic container pre prepared.  The shop had a nice small café and picnic benches.  A little field where kids could let off some steam if needed.

We’d made good time and a late night crossing allowed for a further stop which we made at the Anchor Inn, beside the River Stour at Nayland.  I don’t know how the Inn had made it into the book as the Garmin took us some back route roads for more than a few miles.  We had the time though and I enjoyed the break from the dual carriageway.  Food was good, it was warm, sunny and 40 or so minutes from the ferry….the holiday and our Danish adventure was starting.

Thanks for reading so far….the weekend coffee share is my friend in helping me to write. It’s been a while, life just keeps happening and 1 weekend missed turns into 4 maybe 5. The coffee hook gives me a mental switch to be able to start again…..so I intend to write more about my Danish adventure and what I learned along the way. I’ve just described day 1, the UK leg in red and there is more to come …..The Danish Adventure!

Danish Adventure

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Weekend Coffeeshare

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  1. I do that often…you are into writing a couple sentences and then realize there is something pressing that you probably should do. Sometimes I try to ignore the feeling but then it nags and distracts me anyway!

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