The Weekend CoffeeShare – Spring is in the Air

Longing for the first few days of March to show the markings of Spring. Storm Freya put a stop to any thoughts of me going out for a run, so I’m sat with my coffee browsing the Borough Market recipe book.  Willing the spring section to come up with inspiration.

The recipes talk about late spring, April even and I sigh. I think March is a hard time for a cook, on the cusp of something that’snot quite there.  The tail end of the winter root veg.  The beetroot in the veg box this week was massive and will take an age in the oven.  I’m looking to start turning my hand away from the comfort stews, something lighter and healthier but just can’t take that leap as another gust of wind buffets against the kitchen windows.

Eventually I came across a pot roast chicken recipe with a carrot top pesto that I think will aid my transitional state of mind.

Chicken not a problem….but finding young carrot tops is. Maybe they are in abundance in the London Market and to imagine that the greenery has been left on….well I had no such luck.  Closest I came to young carrots made a big thing about them being trimmed!

A week later I’m sat at my PC, with a nice strong coffee and wondering how time keeps flying by.   I didn’t manage last weeks post but for completeness I’ve included it here. I’ve wrestled with a sore throat all week,  which has given me an excuse to lay off the exercise in fear of coming down with the whole man flue thing.   The days are getting longer and at some moments showing some signs of warmth.  

Not today, Sunday morning and the boy has a football match. So before taking him up to the school I managed to get a stew in the oven.   The beef cheeks in the freezer finally coming out to play.  I also managed to soak some beans last night…so it’s more of a store cupboard stew with the root veggies from this weeks box, a splash of wine and some stock and tonight’s tea is in the bag.  

Lunch is from last nights remains where I’ve managed to grab onto last weeks feeling of needing more salad.  Waitrose supermarket provides a great little bag of mixed grains, combined with some Camargue red rice, zest and juice of an orange as a base for healthy carbs, served with greens and Annie Bells Quiche Lorraine (not so healthy).  A coleslaw from the veg box cabbage and I think we have picnic lunch for work tomorrow as well.

At some point during the day I need to get out in the garden, I want to move the gooseberry bushes before they spring into real life.  They haven’t moved on like I’d hoped and sure they will do better in a sunnier place which I don’t have yet.  Garden plans imminent……so a false economy I know I bought a couple of planters to keep them portable for now.  Would have been cheaper to buy new plants!

Thanks for joining me for this weekends coffee share.

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Weekend Coffeeshare

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