September18 – Weekend Coffee Share

IMG_5614Welcome to September, probably my favourite month food wise. Mentally there is transition to comfort foods, root veg, squash and plums all start to become abundant as we run into apple season. The plants that have taken their time to grow and produce finally letting go and saying I’m ready.

I love all these ingredients that lend themselves to slow cooking. With a big old house to slowly renovate a slow one pot dish allows you to get on with the list that the boss has at the same time as ensuring a good wholesome meal hits the table.

Of late though people have been muscling in on my cooking slots, the boys actually agreeing to make a meal, or the boss cottoning on to the fact I might be stalling by cooking.

If we were having coffee, we’d agree that this was only being said in jest. We’d talk about how we’ve been in the house three years now, how the kitchen, the electrics and the bathroom were all big jobs. However now it’s time to push on with the other things.

We have furniture that we’ve carried from 4 moves, wire boxes and components that I’ve not touched in a good 15 years when I dabbled with self-build PCs. The speakers from my teenage hi-fi that are just too hard to let go. The idea that you could Bluetooth your phone to a speaker and connect to a myriad of tunes a twinkle in someone’s eye compared to a black and red wire trailing around a bedroom hidden behind things so you didn’t know. The sounds of my teenage youth not the same now and the speakers of today although crisp, bright and compact never seem to live up to the sounds of yester year.

This weekend really is time to have a good sort out, I’m taping into the energy of the 1st day of the month falling on a Saturday and just a general feeling of it’s time to get organised and control some of things that I can unlike at work which is another tale.

Obviously there will be time to enjoy a few cups of coffee. I’ll be serving a few slices of freshly baked Brioche that’s in the fridge just now slowly proving.

Thanks for joining me at the weekend coffee share hosted by Eclectic Alli, nice to see you if this is the first time you’ve read through, I’m a wannabe cook, semi part time blogger. And if you read last weeks post….the iPad still isn’t fixed… though this time I’ve made an appointment with the Apple doctor for this week, rather than arriving on spec.

6 thoughts on “September18 – Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Greetings EC (which must serve as I couldn’t find your name), I’m envious of anyone who can do what you are doing. I too love to cook, but simply don’t have your passion and thus don’t merit your results. In college I was one of he bakers at a local small restaurant in Washington State (near Seattle). I was the bread guy and your final photo takes me back and left my mouth watering for that ancient recipe. Thanks for the mental image I can all but taste and the memories those loafs left with me. All the best. I hope you can carve out time to visit my share for the week. Lots of stuff to share and stories to be told.

    1. Thanks Gary, I’m blessed with a family who eat most things I put in front of them, and there have been lots of mistakes! In a previous time I may have chosen a different vocation than a life in IT, a baker sounds ideal.

  2. We still have gigantic speakers in the living room, wood cases, and nowhere to set them up, anymore. Unless we let go of the piano, which is getting to the end of its lifespan. We had better luck letting go of the old PCs that we put together so long ago.

    I love to read about your cooking adventures! Hope your iPad can be fixed!

  3. That brioche looks amazing!!! And sorry to hear about the iPad.. fingers crossed they resolve it for you..

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!!!!

    Your story and ours are quite similar! Except, we don’t have children big or small..around! Unless our Chocolate Labrador counts as a very spoiled child, who in fact does accompany us on our hikes! Acts like a ratty kid at times while walking, then suddenly runs towards us and shows joy (I truly believe she does in fact smiles) with silly ears flopping in the wind!

    We also moved 3 years ago! And just like you have nostalgically described, bits and pieces of the old past are still in boxes in the attic to this day.

    I’ll be following your journey fellow coffee lover, foodie and word chaser!

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