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img_5059Saturday and I’m first up, The sun breaking through the curtains in the front room. There is a silence about the place, the roads free from the daily grind of commuters. There’s a feeling that summer is erasing its way into winter with the chill in the air. The Sun is low for 6.40, it’s just gone past the stage of a sun rise. The coffee isn’t on yet. I want the peace to continue for a few more minutes. To revel in the luxury of thinking Space where I can put my mind at ease. No one asking questions, or a fight over breakfast…. just quiet.

It doesn’t last long….welcome and thanks for joining me for the weekend coffee share. The sun has come up and it’s going to a be a bright day, nothing on the agenda, perhaps a trip into town a little long overdue clothes shopping for work, a trip to the butchers for inspiration and the Apple store.

The trick here will be to get in and out before the tourists get out and about. The last full on weekend of the Fringe and the Festival. It’s great for the city but for the locals it adds on another dimension of chaos to the ebb and flow of getting about the jobs and the messages.

I’ve got a weird thing going on with my iPad and pencil where one particular part of the screen stops working along with issues with the same letters when I type. The standard response from the chatbot was to reinstall and rebuild…but the scientist in me knows it’s a hardware fault. I can’t get an appointment until 13.25….Tuesday online, it’s like going to the doctors, going to try my luck at just appearing at the store………

Stood at the bus stop, the warmth of the sun cuts through the chill in the air. There is no one here but me, so I’m able to stand here without embarrassment charging myself like a rechargeable battery. Its 8:30 and it dawns on me that it’s a bank holiday weekend and maybe that’s the reason for the quietness to the air……..

There’s a queue outside the Apple store with 2 mins to go until opening time, time to breathe and really take a good look at the Balmoral, the apple store doesn’t need another picture.

The doors open and there is a frenzy….. Tech support or Genius Bar, make your way up the stairs. A mad dash to make an appointment. Relief from a guy who came yesterday and couldn’t see anyone. He’s in the club. A text on my phone to let me know that I’ll be seen soon and to let someone know I’m here, it’s been 2 mins since I last spoke to the same guy.

……..Diagnostics and a reinstall later I’m sent on my way, but this time with the re-assurance that they will take me back in store with open arms. I shake the guys hand and re-assure him I will be back, he doesn’t know what to say. I smile and say thanks.

…..back home now and the tea is poured, I’ll keep you posted on the iPad saga….thanks for popping by.


Welcome to the Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Allison at Eclectic Alli

13 thoughts on “iPad Screen Problems – the weekend coffee share

  1. I am almost always the first one in the household to wake up in the morning. It is a lovely time! One to as much as three hours before my alarm is set to go off. I’ve finally sprung for another electric water kettle for my morning tea. I am more inclined toward Irish and English breakfast blends in the morning, and I’m exploring the oolong offerings from Stash Tea for afternoon tea breaks. I do not remember why, but I quit drinking Earl Grey 30 years ago or more, and haven’t taken it up, again.

    Hope your ipad is working, now. My husband’s iphone quit doing bluetooth, and he had to learn how to back up all his data to the Cloud, so the customer service person at the store could do a hard reboot. Just in case all the data vanished into nothing.

    Love the photo of the Balmoral. Very much enjoyed your post. Thank you!

  2. Ugh. I hope your iPad issues are resolved soon. So frustrating. I wandered into our Apple store once, it was shoulder to shoulder and you’d have thought they were giving away iPhones. I asked a passing employee, “What is going ON?” He replied, “Nothing. You should have seen it an hour ago.” OMG BTW, I LOVE Ron Jon! One of my favorite places to visit in FL. Thanks for the coffee and have a great week!

    1. You made me think then, where did the Ron Jon reference come from…then I remembered my notebook! Managed to visit after a day trip to the Kennedy centre….both institutions in there own right! Thanks on the iPad front…sadly I think I’ll be making another trip back 🙁

  3. I really like the feeling of expectation in the air, that arrives at the same time as fall. Growing up near big ski resort, I can relate to the slight chaos caused by all the tourist… that the town so desperately need. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. Wow! It’s funny when you live in a place that’s also a tourist trap and I really enjoyed reading a local’s perspective. One of my other blogging mates goes there every year. I read a bit about it in a book by one of Australia’s Doug Anthony All Stars who were a hit there. It sounds epic.
    I touch on our older Australian architecture which might’ve been built around 1820, and it’s nothing compared to what you have over there on just about every street corner.
    Would love to see the fire works too.
    I am always grateful, however, for the capacity to experience a sense of all these things through blogging. Most of us can’t explore the entire planet in any capacity, let alone at depth, but it would be nice.
    Thanks for the coffee.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks Rowena, we do have a tendency to take the architecture for granted as locals and once in a while I like to take the advice of ferris and take a look around :). I love the other perspectives of life round the world by bloggers as well.

      1. I think it’d take me a long time to walk around Edinburgh looking through the lens of my beloved camera. It would be so much fun. When I backpacked through Europe, it was before digital photography and my photographic skills have also improved a lot since then. Feel very overdue for a return visit.
        Best wishes,

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