Table #15 – Post Holiday Blues and the Coffee Share


Welcome to the Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Allison at Eclectic Alli

Saturday and it’s raining. Definitely a welcome relief the garden so desperately needs it and the air needs to feel fresher.

The coffee is poured and a chicken is on the hob gently poaching in order to both create a stock along with chicken for tonight’s pie.

I was asked to take care of the potatoes from the veg box as part of my weekend cook.  My mind automatically jumped to a hot pot, sliced potatoes on the top more like a winter comfort food though.  Then when I looked at the box, they were nice new scrapers rather than fluffy so they will be scrubbed, slightly boiled and then roasted with rosemary, olive oil and sea salt.

I’ve had a roller coaster week mentally.  Straight back into work Monday after our return on the Sunday.  An expected shock to the system, but never the less draining mentally to get back into projects and the vernacular of the working world.  Swapping shorts and t-shirt for a shirt and tie!

Couldn’t help question myself over many things to the point of procrastination and even to the point of something so radical as deleting the whole blog to either pack it in completely or to rip it up and start again. To do so to admit failure and wouldn’t create any more time or stop me coming back.

Life has a habit of creeping in and taking over, reality kicks in and takes over the dreams that formed whilst camping in the French mountains.

So this morning with a little head-space I caught up on my feedly feeds and had a word with myself.  A trip to the butchers the paint supply shop for a primer, a 2nd coffee and the kitchen table…. I’m back…. again!

5 thoughts on “Table #15 – Post Holiday Blues and the Coffee Share

  1. The rain sounds magically marvelous! I would give a lot for a real rain, lasting a couple weeks right now. We’re having a horrible fire, that burned down almost half of my town. The center of it was ten minutes from my house yesterday, but are moving away. A great relief! I enjoyed your photo of the rain! Please send one this way! Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

    1. My thoughts go out to the people who have been effected, we did have a hill fire a day or so a go less than a mile away. The smell was awful and spread for miles. Hope you get some rain soon.

  2. It’s Winter here in NZ so chicken stock / pie and potatoes sounds just like the thing to have on a cold Winter’s day.
    visiting via the WeekendCoffeeShare linkup.

    1. The chicken pie went down well, despite being summer…I’m in danger of it becoming a regular feature in the house what ever the weather! Thanks for saying hello.

  3. Hello EC. I think this is the first time we both showed up for the same coffee share. It’s good to meet you. We need at least one honorary Scot in the gang. I enjoyed your share above and even reviewed the “About” info you posted. I have a few favorite recipes myself and hope to add some of your findings to my limited gastronomic wisdom.

    If you check out my share, you’ll see a quick intro to my writing project. Consider yourself invited to my small collection for a few good laughs from the California wine country.

    And ditto to my friend above wishing for rain here. We are being baked ourselves and both our homes have been recently threatened by wild fires.

    Anyway – I hope to have the chance to get to know you and your writing better soon.


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