Table #11 – Black Ice


Coffee is ready and we’ve cracked open a Christmas cake from the Bourke Street Bakery cookery book….come on in it’s snowing again!

The streets here in Edinburgh have been in a bad way, sheet ice on the paths and the side roads fairing no better. The weeks exercise constrained to walking and the bus. To say we were going a little stir crazy is an exaggeration.

Fortunately the weekend saw a blue sky day and we were determined to get out. I love Braid hill, close to home at the same time a feeling of escaping and a way of looking at the world in a different light.

Inspired and in protest at the world I’ve signed my self up for a triathlon sprint in August. Apparently great for the beginner. 20km cycle, 5k run and 750m open water swimming. Cycle, not a problem and running I’ve finely got that distance in the bag without too much of an issue. The swimming….fills me with dread. I’ve not covered that distance since I swam for badges back in the 80’s.   Then add them together in succession…..I’m starting to realise I’m going to have to get a training plan in place…..fortunately it’s 7 months away and that’s the point right.

Retro movie re-wind time and what did I torture my boys with today?  The Last Starfighter!

Music playing on the kitchen stereo….a little bit of INXS.

I’m grateful for root vegetables and soup, just the ticket for these cold days and trying to be a bit more healthy.

Thanks for popping by, A nod to the #weekendcoffeeshare and a #DSFWeeklyrewind, thanks for hosting.

5 thoughts on “Table #11 – Black Ice

  1. I hate black ice. Snow I can deal with but ice… there is no way to beat it. I hope it warms up where you are soon.

    Love INXS and The Last Starfighter. Great choices there. And being grateful for soup and soup that helps you be healthy… excellent as well.

    Thanks for participating in #DSFWeeklyRewind again. So happy to see you!

  2. Ooh, I forgot about INXS!! Haven’t seen The Last Starfighter. Will have to look them up. Yes, black ice is the worst. Roads have been dry here the last few days, supposed to rain tonight.. We had a balmy 39 F today!

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