Table #10 – The dark week


Come on in we have a chicken and bacon pie on the menu…(still to find the recipe/make it up) a fresh pot of coffee just made and a slice of flapjack.

Its been a long hard week, Tuesday saw a real back to routine kick in with the house coming back to life in the early morning.   The once still house at 6:30, is now back to having familiar noises, the shower, the clunk of bedroom drawers. The bleary eyed pleasantries of two boys ready to catch up with there pals again. Still in shock of having to jump out of a cosy duvet.

The 2 days of ice that had built up on the car windscreens has gone, my signal to say that it might be safe to cycle. It may have been safe ice wise, however wind chill wise sharp to the bone on the fingers despite the thick gloves.

So we made it through a tough week in January, the back to reality week where the January blues kick in. I started reading the Human’s by Matt Haig as a way of relax before bed….I’m mightily impressed by the new year challenges that folk are doing to read 50+ books this year. I was hoping cookery books counted…..alas…..maybe I need to start my own challenge!!

Granny’s recipes are challenge enough, now roughly categorised into 150 sweet things (desserts and bakes) with 140 mains and savouries.

I’ve also been Indexing The Mountain Book Café cookbook for the Eat Your Books website that I often use.

Introduced the boys to Ferris Buellers day off, there were even chuckles from the eldest which was nice to share. So this week in amongst the toing and throwing of work I’m grateful for the laughter. Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) Official Trailer – Matthew Broderick Movie

A nod to the #weekendcoffeeshare and a #DSFWeeklyrewind, thanks for hosting.

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  1. Getting back to a routine is both difficult and satisfying at the same time. We had winter break for a week then two days of school closings for snow then another day of delayed opening due to ice! I’m hoping this week will prove to be routine and totally uneventful! Ferries Bueller is a classic! It’s always been one of my son’s favorites. The first day of his senior year of high school he wore a “Save Ferris!” tee shirt.

  2. Cycling in your weather sounds mad to me. We Australians stay indoors if it rains and are a delicate bunch, although we tend to fare much better in the heat (especially with the aid of an air-conditioner). It’s been pretty hot here lately and I’ve been trying to take it easy. Our kids are on school holidays, until the start of February and have been off on a few camps. I’m madly trying to get the house sorted, but even getting the Christmas decorations away has been a challenge. At least, they’re now boxed and the tree is in the wheelie bin. We have started the new school year with the Christmas tree still standing. So, we’re already a few giant leaps ahead.
    I would like to do something fun both with the kids and on my own but have been fighting this terrible cough and under the circumstances, sorting the house seemed a good idea. Do something fun later when I’m feeling better and I’m also feeling quite hopeful that we’ll have a much more organized year with this more determined start. Not sure if the kids have caught on yet but fingers crossed.
    Hope you have a great week ahead.
    Best wishes,

      1. You’re going to hate me for this, but we go to the beach. Not swimming, but aside from 1-2 months a year, at least walking along the beach isn’t too bad. My husband comes from Tasmania where it’s much cooler, and they had big families down there. One ancestor had twenty four kids with two wives. Thanks largely to them, Geoff is related to much of the old families in Nothern Tasmania.
        I had a funny conversation with another blogger, Geoff LePard, I follow quite closely about the weather in London vs Sydney. He was boasting of the warm weather in London while I was feeling the cold. It was 18 degrees in both places. Here are two links:
        Best wishes,

  3. Such a great movie! And I think cookbooks should totally count in a reading challenge.. My goal is 20 books this year, I don’t know how folks do 50 and more! Have a great week and stay warm! We’ll be in the 20s this week.

    1. 20 is a good target, I’d be happy with that… the 20s…I was about to say I’m envious of the warmth…but I think you mean -6c in my lingo….yikes, that’s cold!

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