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Welcome into the kitchen, we’ve made it to the end of the week and a glass of wine has been poured.  The menu for tea is a quick pull it together for the boys and I.  The boss is out with a friend and a very rare occasion for a Friday night!  Rice and a tub from freezer containing left over frozen lentils and lamb curry, served with broccoli and a spoon of mango chutney before some boys tv.

I got the boys to bed an hour ago and I’ve been shamelessly procrastinating, clicking and looking through Pintrest…man that can zap time!  And the irony of it is that I’ve been clicking through organising oneself…..until I got a hold of myself and went to play the piano for 10 mins.  We have the easy play version of La La land….the pieces are very evocative of the film and a joy to play.  I take it slow and remarkably they sound ok.

My blog has been calling me despite the fact when I sit down to write it’s a struggle….and finally starting to type and explain how the evening has gone is a help.  Spending time on something un-interrupted is a luxury and so sitting here with my mind to roam free is taking all my will power to concentrate!

The clocks changed last Sunday and my plans to revolutionise my weekly habit were going to kick in…easily bounding out of bed at 6, fresh and ready to take the world on… didn’t happen!   It happens to be pitch black at that time (obviously) and the last thing my brain wants to do is wake up!  Add to the that there’s definitely been a dip in the temperature,  the sporting gazelle did not appear and I just wanted to pull the duvet over my head when the wakeup call went.

The new Honey & Co Foodtalks Podcast appeared in my stream today.  This edition held with Ed Smith creator of the Blog Rocket and Squash (another recent discovery) has been blogging for 7 years or so.  He talks through how he came to blogging and how food became his calling rather than being a lawyer.  For a guy in IT with a passion for cooking well, this really struck a chord.

My challenge with Nigel continued,  one recipe I followed to the letter.  From the chronicles, taken from Three dried fruit drinks for winter Apricot, orange and anise (which doesn’t do justice to the brandy and sweet wine.  The other recipe, Lamb ‘osso buco’ with pappardelle which I really made my own, a slightly different cut of meet, an addition of tinned tomatoes (my Indian cookery class has annoying half tin tomato recipes so there was a half that needed using up) and I used port rather than Marsala.  Also made my own pasta…..which is a labour of love despite what anyone tells you.  I always forget how long it takes….enjoyable when you have the time…not when you have spent the day dismantling an old kitchen for the tip.   This Sunday nights tea involves a pan, a pork chop, and some pears

The table is my weekly review,  with a nod to #DSFWeeklyRewind and with that in mind I need to mention what I’m grateful for this week.   It’s music, this week it got me through some moments…I’ve discovered a new pianist, Yann Tierson (he’s not new), his music is new to me and I love this album, from track 2 it’s exquisite.  My favourite track of the moment though is Everything Now by Arcade Fire

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  1. Thanks for the nod. I envy you your want to try new culinary creations. I’m a lazy cook. 🙂 Our missing hour just returned this weekend, so I’ll notice it when leaving work Monday at 5 p.m. and it’s getting dark. And one can lose much time on Pinterest.. I so get that!

    Music got me through this week, too. recently introduced me to Arcade Fire. I like!

    Hope to see you again next week! Have a creative, gratitude-filled week!

    For everybody else… Join in! Guidelines:

    1. Cooking is my chance to be creative at the same time as helping at home. I can sometimes getaway with closing the door whilst I prep something. So I get a little peace as well. Thanks for saying hello and hosting again.

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