The Table #2

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Welcome into the kitchen, this week we are serving up a lovely piece of Silver Hake and a Laksa to warm those winter nights. The laksa recipe has been on my to do list for so long, and I’m amazed how quick the boys ate it.

The week has been a strange one in terms of rhythm, the half term, a 3 day working week for me. A few nights away and a family funeral. A lot to reflect on, digest and be grateful for.

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A little bit of autumn adventure

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The working days seem so far away considering what we packed in, a trip to the Blair Atholl Watermill before it closes for the winter season, a top up on bread flour that will no doubt keep me going through the winter season. A gentle walk up the Falls of Bruar with every step trying to breathe in the autumn colours.

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Falls of Bruar

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We challenged ourselves with 3 Munro’s…the Cairnwell Munro’s which form part of the Glen Shee ski slopes. With many of the hill climbing books complaining about the scar on the landscape that the centre has created I found it re-assuring that the paths are there and well-trodden especially when the mist came in.

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The Cairnwell #munro

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Today has been a day of consolidation, a blitz of garden jobs as it shuts down for winter, I’ve planted a few daffodils to mark spring, washed the van, and repointed some of the back wall…no wonder I’m feeling too tired to pull an inspired tea together. My wife has taken care of dessert using the last of the rhubarb (the patch now clear, weeded and ready for the winter rest).  I’m not sure what it is, but smells great, orange and rhubarb with a clafoutis style sponge. I was presented with the remains of the fridge to pull something together for main. Bacon, kale and a leek (from the veggie box two weeks ago)… automatic reflex took control and I reached for the Arborio rice…..Risotto it is.

My favourite moment of the day was the 5 minute break I took whilst planting the sack of daffodils I’d bought. A cheeky Robin appeared looking for the grubs I’d overturned. Nice to watch and have the company as I drunk a cup of tea in the afternoon sun.

The table is my weekly rewind, with a nod to the #DSFWeeklyRewind

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