We were having coffee – Autumn Scones

If we were having coffee it would be served with a fresh batch of buttermilk scones. You might have just come in from the rain, you may have done a 3 mile run and have the runners glow about you despite what the elements have thrown against you.

I’ve had the luxury of time to throw the scones together, random flours in the cupboard, amid of wholemeal and some 00 pasta flour just past it’s sell by and the buttermilk crying out from the fridge.

The week has seen us move well into autumn, the early morning starts are now in the dark and the idea of getting out and running before work is a real struggle. I left it a week and I noticed that I was starting to feel dark with my mood dipping. Friday I broke the mould and got out after watching a programme the night before on body age versus birth age.

I love autumn because of the hunkering down, the comfort food and the harvesting spoils. I’m determined though to keep the exercise up and face the blues that winter brings by being in the right place mentally.

7 thoughts on “We were having coffee – Autumn Scones

  1. I’m starting a new walking routine, that I can take indoors if I have to do it after work when it’s dark. Better health extends to the mind, as you know. Of course, those scones look delish (saw your Instagram pics)… … … counterproductive for my health goals or little bit of heaven for my mental health every now and then? Conundrum! 🙂

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