Weekend Coffee Share – The Routine is Back


And breathe….If we were having coffee I’d tell you we’ve got the routine back, the schools went back on Wednesday and a sense of normality has been restored!

Porridge has been established as the breakfast of champions as the boys now have ownership for making it themselves  (My recipe and version of events).  Not sure you can class it as a recipe as such but a definite alchemy as heat turns two ingredients into a wonderfully creamy bowl of comfort to start the day.  I once went to India for the week with work. In the space of 4 days covered 3 cities with two companies providing various amazing meals. To say my constitution was turned upside down is an understatement…. all I craved was a bowl of porridge to put me right! Marvellous stuff.

As an end of holiday treat, bagged the movie Valerian a Luc Besson, a CGI fest.  It was good, probably not deserved of the bad reviews.  Just something missing… the boys loved it.  Cinema and blockbusters just seem so ever present and accessible now I don’t think the boys realise how big a deal going to cinema was for me as a boy.  The 4 year wait for something to come out on video….getting to the cinema to see a blockbuster was important!

How’s the organisation challenge going I hear you ask!  So week three has arrived and nearly gone.  Monday Tuesday, I covered the last days of the school holiday.   Wednesday I was in the office, then Thursday out on a course and then back in the Friday.  So despite the routine of school being back, establishing my daily journal has been difficult… it’s only really going to kick in again this Monday.

Despite this though I did manage to take a look at a concept called “Don’t break the chain”, google will provide you with all manner of links, Lifehacker has a good one.

I’ve set a rudimental version in my journal and now have a habit tracker up and running. No pun intended!

  • I managed a run 3 times this week with stretches Not enough for my physio, however a big change for me and my mental state.
  • I’ve sat down at the ivories for 10 minutes a day as an adult piano learner it’s a biggie.
  • Finally got my head round a system for a dedicated tackling of 5 chosen cookery books.  I hope to write more about the adventures in the kitchen later. 5BooksSep17
  • I started reading…how to have a good day from Caroline Webb.  So far the three As are key:
    • Aim: What matters most today, what should be the priority
    • Attitude: Get your head right
    • Attention: Given your real aim…what you going to give your focus

So the push for me to really stop procrastinating is finally on…although I’m feeling a bit fraught!  Please don’t read this as man who’s really got his stuff together.  It’s a man trying to balance his aspirations and sharing the approach hoping that this might help someone else.  If you take one thing from our coffee chat today…..I think breaking the chain is a real biggie!

Thanks for stopping in and sharing coffee.

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