Coffee in Madrid (Motteau)

2017-04-14 11.36.52

If we were having coffee it would be at Motteau on the corner of Calle de San Pedro. We came by it by chance, it didn’t feature in any guide book and if it did it would spoil it. The place has three/four tables, and comfortably sits 10 folk at a time.

The coffee came just as we like it, a nice big mug and although I’m starting to get used to a espresso, I still don’t think you can beat an Americano with your cake.

All the cakes are made on the premises in the kitchen right next to the seating area. The chef’s are in full view separated by glass and a marvel to watch in there confined space that is kitted out for all manner of creation.


Today we have a choice of things to eat. A white chocolate, pistachio and rose candy pastry, a slice of carrot cake, a walnut brownie and a meringue and caramel twirl.

2017-04-14 11.51.15 2017-04-14 11.17.41

It’s a shame we only managed to find this place on our last day!  If this was going to be our vocation it would be the sort of place we’d liked to run…….to dream!

Thanks for joining me for coffee, thanks to Nerd in the Brain who hosts the Weekend Coffee Share.

8 thoughts on “Coffee in Madrid (Motteau)

  1. What did you pick to eat: white chocolate, pistachio and rose candy pastry, a slice of carrot cake, a walnut brownie, or a meringue and caramel twirl? Hard decision, I would be torn between the carrot cake and the walnut brownie. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  2. The white chocolate, pistachio and rose candy pastry, and the meringue and caramel twirl both sound wonderful. Have you tried either? Coffee sounds good too. I do enjoy treating myself to a fancy coffee drink from time to time (as finances allow) but usually it’s just plain ole coffee with half & half + sugar (perhaps a flavored creamer every so often).

    1. White Chocolate and Pistachio was my choice. It tasted great….however I wished I’d gone for something else! Just wish I had a few more days to try something else!

    1. It was a life or death situation! Good thing about going in as four is that you can take a nibble from those who are willing to share! It’s amazing how quickly they forget who paid the bill!

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