Coffee and Lurgy

Urgghh is how I feel at the moment, broken, my head in a fug. My nose starting to feel raw and most definitely glowing despite the tri ply platinum luxury deluxe balm laden tissues one can treat oneself to when you feel like this.

So come on in the coffee is brewed just don’t get too close, this one came out of nowhere and grabbed my throat in the night and the last thing I want to do is give it to you.

The week has flown by and I’d just thought I’d started to get somewhere health and fitness wise. I’d had a great weekend though, set me up for the week ahead. I’d managed a run round Arthur’s seat (first time this year) and then the next day a cycle round with the youngest.   A tough weather week came in though! The kind that tries to break your will and hold you back, to control ones will, to get out and exercise….I swear it was out to get me personally.……I changed my approach though. I said fine if that’s the way you want it I’ll take the bus in and run home.

Which I did, but don’t feel too impressed though it’s only a couple of miles.   It does get the heart going though and I feel much better for it………I think that’s when it got me!   And the idea of a run at this moment though….urghhh.   Which is how I normally feel it has to be said!

So today, I’m not expecting much of the day. A cup of coffee, two cups of lemsip a bit of food shopping. Nothing that takes up too much energy.   I’ve got a Chicken pot roast planned for two. Something that we can bang in the oven and take our time doing something more productive instead……like managing man flu.

Thanks for joining me for coffee, thanks to Nerd in the Brain who hosts the Weekend Coffee Share

17 thoughts on “Coffee and Lurgy

  1. Really hope you start to feel better soon! Why does that always seem to happen? Just as you get your focus going, something’s got to get thrown in the mix to steal it away! Btw… beautiful picture! Just keep looking at scenes like that, you’ll be better in no time! 😉

  2. We had a band called the Fugs, but your head in a fun is about the best word use ever!!!! Hop your head feels better soon. What is lemsip???? Lemon sipping??

    1. Words are a amazing! Can’t even think how that one is in my vocabulary. Lemsip, is a crafty marketing scam if you ask me, paracetamol mix with vitamin c, tasting of lemon that comes in powdered form. Add hot water…..and hey presto you can breathe for 5 seconds 🙂

  3. Sorry that you are under the weather. Hope you bounce back quickly. I love your photo and I feel quite silly asking but who is “Arthur” and why did they name it after him?

  4. I feel your pain! I was so sick for over three weeks, had two weeks of antibiotics and darn if my throat has not started feeling once again like I’m swallowing knives! I hope this does not happen to you!
    Feel better soon!

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