Coffee and the Storm before the Calm

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Time for #coffee

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Just made myself a cup of steaming coffee.   The sun is shining, but don’t be fooled though. There’s a bitter wind howling around the place. Showers of icy cold rain come and go despite the brightness and the defiant Daffodil buds that are emerging. Winters last ditch attempt to hang on. I know spring is around the corner, I’ve smelt it in the air in a calm moment between winds.

The daily commute to work has been put to test. Managed to cycle in 4 out of the 5 days with only one bus journey and a walk home. A couple of morning runs trying to break through the muscle pains of the previous weeks skiing and an attempt at trying to remove the spare tyre around my waistline. Progress is slow.

Started reading the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet purely out of interest and as a way to look at my health differently. As a guy who likes good food this has an interesting take on the science behind low fat meals vs low sugar.

With it being such a turbulent weather weekend, my weekend cooking exploits have been put to full use:

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This weekends exploits in the kitchen #cooking

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The veggy box this week had a huge bounty of root veg.   So I thought I’d put the Farfalline we had left over in a Minestrone soup. Tonight’s tea a Nigel Slater Root veg curry (a couple of searches on google turned up a mention Two Hungry Boys and Four Cooking together).

I tried the chocolate pots from Anna Jones Guardian Recipe, The boys not too keen and a bit disappointed so definitely for adults! Not sure where they sit in the whole blood sugar diet scene! It was Saturday treat tea after all and was served with a Tuna and Orange Salad beforehand.

So as Storm Doris finally dwindles out, I’m hoping for warmer and longer days a chance to ride to wide to work without worrying about the wind speed and whether I’ll get blown off my bike.

Good luck with your week and thanks for joining me for coffee.


With thanks to the part time monster, the weekend coffee share used to be hosted by the Part Time Monster Blog, it’s now hosted by NerdInTheBrain.

4 thoughts on “Coffee and the Storm before the Calm

  1. Your kitchen adventures look delish! I spend much time in the kitchen on weekends planning and prepping for the week, and it’s paying off! 🙂

    1. Kitchen time for me is something useful for the house at the same time as letting me be creative. If I can make double I will and it helps with crazyness of the week. Good luck with next week, thanks for saying hello

  2. Wow, your kitchen exploits look great! I’m not much in the kitchen but my girlfriend is, and it’s amazing to watch her work. I’ve been trying, though, making one meal a week or so when I come across recipes that look easy. I’ll be checking out the ones you linked to, especially those chocolate pots! Thanks for the coffee 🙂

  3. Oh yum! Those kitchen exploits are looking fabulous! We can’t please the kids every time, right?
    Good for you on being able to cycle to and from work (sans killer wind, of course)

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