Coffee and Porridge 

img_3273If we were having coffee , it would be alongside a steaming bowl of porridge, soaked the night before to aid with it’s unctuous creamy texture. For me porridge needs to be thick and hearty rather than a runny gruel.

We’ve been a man down this week, the passing of time now marks our youngest going off to school camp with tails of abseiling, rock climbing, canoeing and team building. We’ve been left wondering who might return.

The evening meal has been devoid of the usual bickering, taunting and the rising stress levels that accompanies the evening meal. It’s been quiet, the conversation considered without interruptions. Our eldest having to tune into the adult conversation, bringing his own topics. Tales of the subject choices he’s thinking of taking alongside his dreams and aspirations. The new world includes Modern Studies and Engineering Science alongside the classic sciences now known as STEM subjects, his knowledge already far superior to mine at his age…..along with more knowledge on the world than I have at this age, embarrassingly so.

I’ve managed three runs this week and boy have they been hard, getting up that 20 minutes earlier, still dark, still cold. No movement on the weight front. It doesn’t matter though the main benefit I’m looking for is mental health, a change in my well being and state of mind. Our house finds this time of year hard, work is frenetic as the final throws of what must be achieved on the technology front is completely out of step with the resource available. A mixture of regulatory must does versus the appetite for growth opportunities and process improvement. A run in the morning seems to take this demand, the stress of it all and spits it out and chews it up turning it into something different, development opportunity, skills utilisation and just work.

The porridge is eaten slowly, with blueberries and chopped banana, the time for reflection is over. Time to get to work.

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