Coffee: New Job that’s the Same Job?


The coffee today is served with a huge sigh of relief as the reorganisation of the department that I work in has finally been announced. It’s been on the go for a good 6 months under the cover of secrecy and I hadn’t realised how the uncertainty had effected my demeanour.

The week has been a roller coaster of emotion. It started on the Monday with the tipoff that a meeting was going in my diary, not an ordinary one and it wasn’t until it appeared that I realised that it wasn’t a meeting it was a consultation, and if I wished I could have someone come in with me.

Needless to say sleep was a little light on the Monday evening.

Tuesday came and I kept myself busy until 10am. At which point I was given the news that the department was being reorganised, my role no longer would exist.

In the same breath I was right sized into a new role…..doing the same thing managing the same folks! The quirks of employment law and the need to be squeaky clean had put me through an emotional roller coaster.

Wednesday morning and a full night’s sleep in the bag…..I had a mind shift, it was like I’d been given a new badge, a chance to make a fresh start mentally. I’d been rebranded and joined the new department with a skip to my beat.

The weekend has set in and I have to say my heads playing a little game with me…..will my mojo be there in the morning or will I find myself falling back into old habits. The confident strides that I took Thursday and Friday, were they really me?

There is something a little different in me though…….and I don’t think I can put it back in the box. A new job that’s the same job….. A new mind-set with the same head.

Thanks for joining me for coffee, I struggled to put this down this week I wasn’t sure who this would help or whether it’s self-indulgence on my part.   I was inspired by Discoverinsooz Overwhelmed post, which made me think on a few levels. I’d been battling my own demons and still do so just like other’s. Why not share this rather than another post about cucumber sandwiches!

My takeaway from this week. Is that you just don’t know what’s round the corner…..good or bad. Do what you need to do to get your head in the right space. You can’t beat getting out in the fresh air on a blue sky day…….it’s magical. If you build on that, define your own success not someone else’s.

Anyway this is Jiminy Cricket signing off with a new shiny badge!

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