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Today’s coffee is hot and functional, a little pick me up whilst waiting for football practice to finish. Low expectation on the enjoyment factor, at the same time a little moment of peace and a time to think which shouldn’t be taken for granted.

I’ve slotted in my food shop, that annoying top-up that to my wife is not necessary. I should have been organised so she could have saved me a job and picked up my bits with her main shop. I’m never quite ready, at the same time I like to be taken by the mood and choose my own ingredients.

This week has seen progress on the black box of index card recipes left to us. I managed to scan them all before Christmas and started to tag them in order to get my head round the task ahead. On first pass there seem to be some strong themes…..Coffee desserts, Aubergines and Mousses. Definitely recipes of a time, some my wife remembers as I mention in passing. This week I’ve spotted an easy win to try. A lemon drizzle cake, labelled as Lemon Crunch cake. I’m also going to try the Beef curry for Sunday night tea. Fits my ethos on a slow cook for a lazy Sunday. With the beef it’s going to be hard to stick to the recipe, I often like to tweak a slow cook based on what’s in the fridge!

The last time we had coffee I came across a few folk. A post that really hit the theme for a week in January was by CATKAI, remember to breathe, she wrote a guest post for Becoming The Muse. Then there was the mini eggs!

I hope the weather round you is starting to calm down, that if your surrounded by snow you get to enjoy it’s majesty for a few moments, if it’s rain that you take a moment to reflect on the need for water in the earths life and if it’s sunny that you send some Scotland’s way……Edinburgh in January is a hard month to swallow.


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