Camping Fug, if we were having coffee

If we were having coffee it would be the first real day of our holiday, yesterday didn’t count despite it being a day off from the office! It was a travel day, driving down through the centre of the country to make it to the county of Cornwall. The home of cream teas, coastal paths and beautiful beaches.

Coffee would be the fuel to wake us from our fug that we find ourselves in despite a good nine hours of sleep. Unfortunately the coastal winds were in full force that carried a rain that slammed and rocked the camper van all night. The sleep was broken, bashed and rocked.

We awoke to sunshine bursting through the cracks in the blinds which started to put the world to rights, home a good 8 hour drive away, a home that was broken with no running water. The builders having had their last good poke at our environment before starting to mend it. We’ve left it in the hope that when we return we’ll be starting to put our routine back together and the heart of our home , our kitchen will finally be as we would like, something that starts to mean something and make right the decision we made to move a mile or so down the road for.

The next time we have coffee, I hope we will have tales of clotted tea to talk about with homemade jam and freshly baked scones.

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