Coffee #7, EU, Rome and Dads Football


Coffee this morning is served before breakfast today breaking my normal ritual of a cup of tea first thing.  I like my cup of joe mid morning and today feels like a requirement for a double bagger, perhaps we’ll catch up later.

Today we’d talk about the EU referendum, I find myself reflecting, searching for another answer but all the news can offer up is discontent in politics, and talk of leavers regretting their protest vote.  I know there must be people who are happy with the result, but here in Edinburgh there is a feeling of dismay.   A city that celebrates being continental in every way.  I sigh and we move on it’s a topic that is going to distract and dominate for some time and my disappointment is that all the money that goes into (in my opinion) a crazy separation that destroys unity is not being spent on the things that need fixing.

Lack of a real central base in the house is dragging on and frustrating.  I know we are close to the end with discussions taking place around the plasterer coming in.  The shell has started to form to which the kitchen furniture will be attached and hope starts to kick in with dreams of all culinary events being solved.

The dreams are aided by Rachel Roddy’s book Five Quarters, which I’m dipping into every night, working through it from start to finish.  As you’d expect with a cookery book it’s broken into the usual sections however to my delight it’s more than a bunch of recipes, it very much follows the style of her column in the Guardian.  I find myself transported to Rome,  and a real glimpse of someone who is on a journey of discovery with food.  It makes we want to do better, to write more from the heart and to savour moments.  I skip the how to cook an Octopus section and how to fillet Anchovies, it’s just something I won’t do and somehow they feel out of place in the book, more a novelty at the same time it’s the authors experience, a moment shared.   At the heart of the book is a real get back to understanding you ingredients ethos and I can’t wait to get going on making my own tomato sauce, or to try the minestre.

My exercise this week has been hampered by a stinking cold that appeared out of nowhere.  Gradually it eased off and I was able to make my sons day by taking part in the end of term coaches + dads versus the boys football match.  A game worthy of an entry on match of the day.  15 young no energy restraints scamps versus 7 middle aged wannabes.  Thankfully the 15 didn’t have the ability to organise themselves and chaos ensued after their first goal.  The dads picked themselves up, took a breath and started to pass with the score finishing up 5-2 to the dads.  The muscles feel a little bit achy today I have to say!

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If We Were Having Coffee #6

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We haven’t had coffee for a fortnight now, I’m feeling guilty and frustrated with myself for not finding the time to write.   Partly due to procrastination, not making the time, not finding the time and chaos enveloping the house in week 6 of the kitchen renovation.

The builders are doing a great job of staying tidy, however they are spreading out bit by bit.  The inevitable rain came which added another dimension to the dirt and dust.  Old lead piping discovered, a concrete floor that has no more space for new piping adding more cost into the build resulting in the front garden being dug up.

Things have started to get better though, the beams have gone in with the props removed and plaster board starting to appear.  The sense of space is amazing and we are going to be very lucky when it’s finished.

Father’s day brought a long awaited copy of Five Quarters, by Rachel Roddy.  I’ve been pleasure delaying partly because we need the kitchen before I get stuck in and partly because I haven’t got the time to read it and grow with the experience.

Back to the coffee which is why we are here 🙂  Thank you for coming, it’s enabled me to drown out the xbox in background, to zone in and put some words down.  Today the coffee is served with pancakes a Father’s day breakfast request served with either sugar and lemon juice or Nutella with Bananas.

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Today’s Pancake Ingredients:  Makes 8-9 large Pancakes depending how thin one can manage

  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 300g Plain Flour
  • 600ml milk
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 1 tspn Sunflower Oil

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If We Were Having Coffee #5

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A small gift for coffee invite #rose

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If we were having coffee it would be a little different this week, a neighbour had invited us around for coffee and scones.  As relative newbies to the street it was a very kind and unexpected gesture.  We didn’t know the person other than to say hello to and we didn’t know who else to expect as invitees.

Approaching the door with a little apprehension as I do with most social occasions, armed with a rose plant as a small token of appreciation and my youngest child…..if ever you need an ice breaker make sure you have a child dressed in football gear with a match to attend.

Offering to take our shoes off which was waved away as silliness, we were quickly ushered into the kitchen, where the smell of fresh baking and coffee permeated.   The back door was open and my youngest was promptly guided out to the back garden with a glass of pink lemonade, a large scone and raspberry jam.
Staying put I made polite conversation, unfortunately the bell went again in quick succession and we were unable to converse properly before the other neighbours arrived……and our previous house owners.  Yikes, of course why wouldn’t they be part of this posy.   Almost immediately struck with fear around the possible awkwardness of the situation, should I bolt and sit in the garden with my son….or stay and face the fear that was in my head.

You see….we now know the house that seems to keep giving just as they knew the quirks that they had left behind.  The strange smell that lingers after a huge downpour and the leaky drains to mention a few.  This was part of the deal when we took on the house and we fully accepted the challenges.  The bigger fear was how to explain the alterations we were making with no hiding the fact that a skip has been outside the house for the last four weeks and how this might be received.  Within a few minutes I was extending a friendly invitation to come and take a look once we had finished, the finer details of taking a corner out in order to allow the sun in too complex to imagine.

There was a choice of 3 scones, a cheese, a fruit and something I would describe as a flat fruit scone come rascal.  Two choices of jam, a raspberry and a blueberry.  Served with Rhodas clotted cream, a type of cream that I just can’t turn away with a taste that takes me instantly back to cream teas in Cornwall.

We left early, too many brief conversations and not enough quality ones.  It was a shame you see, unfortunately my son really had football to attend to and you can only fit so many things into a day!

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