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If we were having coffee I would tell you it feels like 10.30, but really it’s 9.15.  It’s funny how all sense of time changes when you wake up early.  Today it was 5.25 when I snuck out of bed, work churning through my mind. The things that I needed to get down onto paper (think Jerry Maguire) or more appropriately powerpoint.  The house started to move at 7 with the usual weekend activities, the youngest geared up for football and despite the eldest trying to eak out the minutes of a lie in he’s up and ready for swimming.

This weekend we are in the final throws of clearing down our kitchen, the builders move in on Monday and I’ve already taken some shelves down, cleared out some old cupboards.  To say I needed a coffee and that small piece of brownie left for my mid morning snack was and understatement.  As the front door closes it’s straight to the hob and the single Bialetti.

Our Bialetti is a trusted classic espresso maker that has seen us through a good many changes over the last few years, the discolouring, the browning and warmth of use marks the passage of time.  I wonder whether this will work on the new hi-tech induction hob that’s on it’s way and with a pang of guilt knowing it won’t  it’s in that moment I’m transported to the Piazza Della Republica in Florence where we bought the pot on holiday as a momento of the trip.

2 thoughts on “Our Faithfull Bialetti

  1. I’ve never seen a Bialetti before (guess I’m kind of unsophisticated about coffee – I just like my drip filters or a coffee shop!) We just finished a renovation, and it wasn’t too bad. Good luck with yours.

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