If We Were Having Coffee #4

2016-05-28 10.45.46

If we were having coffee  we would be sharing from my flask, which would have been made up from the cafetière at the campsite.  We’d have cycled a good 5 miles before we got to the base of the Munro we were going to walk up.  Coffee would be served with a piece of fruit loaf and we’d be arguing over the piece with a full on juicy glacé  cherry versus the thickest slice.  Either piece a win win.

The morning started dry with a mist present from the rain in the night that we could tell was going to burn off.  Today was the day we were going to conquer the un-conquered Munro.  Last year we’d tried but aborted about 40 minutes from the top.

The spot we’d picked for coffee came with its own waterfall, that fell into clean pools before  it joined the beautiful Glen Tilt river which we’d ridden along to get to this spot.

This was a fuel stop, a chance to catch our breath and gather our strength before the climb.  This was fuel in another way too, a way to replenish the soul.  The Scottish landscape rolling before us, the fresh air and some warm sun on our backs.  Fuel that makes you forget about being in the office, the mobile signal dropping out and being all but none existent.

….we made it to top and took in the view, we congratulated each other on the achievement and breathed deeply with our success.  Carn a’Chlamain had been bagged.

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Lunchtime view #munro on route to the top of #carnachlamain

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If We Were Having Coffee – 21 May 2016

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If we were having coffee this weekend we’d talk about how the week had just flown by and I’d be struggling to to tell you why.

We’d be meeting in Stockbridge, the north of Edinburgh just beside the Newtown, a little adventure trying a new coffee shop.  We’d choose by looking through the window and trying to maximise on the scone.   Today you picked well, a lemon and poppy seed scone.  I went for a moist coconut and blueberry number that really hit the spot.  The coffee was nice, a full on artisan roast.  My only issue was that there wasn’t enough of it and the balance between finishing the cake and coffee was difficult.   I’m a man who likes to have their coffee 2/3rds of the way through eating and then having time to savour the coffee for a little longer.   A coffee this size doesn’t allow for such pleasures.

The kitchen work continues at home with the external wall now open to the elements with some serious Scottish stone being cut through and removed.  My hopes of keeping you posted on life with 2 rings via blog recipes hasn’t come to fruition with work taking up any pc time at home.  I’m pleased I’ve managed to meet you coffee for the 3rd week in a row and enjoy being able to ramble like this.

I’d tell you about the Grange street fair last weekend after we met,  that my boys dragged me to.  I came across a book stall selling 5 books for a £1 which I just couldn’t argue with, a nice book on cooking with beer, a coach yourself book and a few novels.

This week sees the start of the global corporate challenge, a team event through work encouraging those who take part to try 10,000 steps a day.  I’m pretty good on average steps wise, however I’m pretty good at eating cake as well.  So for a few weeks at least I’m going to try and start anew, perhaps start my mid-year resolutions.  Armed with my coach myself book.  What can go wrong!

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If We Were Having Coffee – 14 May 2016

2016-05-12 18.12.31

If we were having coffee we would discuss how dry it’s been but cold. I’d tell you how exciting it’s been coming home each night to see the progress on the kitchen.  I’d get my phone out and show you the pictures and you’d nod your head in agreement that it looks great.

Deep down you’d be thinking that looks like a crazy building site and why would you put yourself through the dust and the mayhem.   I’d be trying to point out the features, the nooks and crannies.  We’d talk about what’s still to be done and then we’d discuss how we are managing without a kitchen.

I’d explain we’ve been cooking in the loft.  A left over falling to bits student kitchen which despite its ramshackle appearance it’s like a little home from home.  The boys start their breakfast without us with the radio re-tuned to Radio1.  On appearing I immediately do the dad thing and change the station to my choice of Radio2.  It’s not like I’m torturing them with a high brow radio 4!  To which I get the moans and a few awwghh Dads, but it settles down with the usual chomp of rice crispies.

I’d talk to you about my spotify tracks…..My retro album of choice this week has been Disco by the pet shop boys, an album that takes me back to my Walkman sat in the back of the car drowning  out whatever was going on in the world at the time.

The new song discovery is this years British entry for the euro vision taking place in Stockholm this evening…You’re Not Alone by Joe and Jake .  A great poppy tune gets everyone into that summer vibe whilst we are camping in the loft.  The remix has been added to the scribble playlist that’s under construction.

I’ve had coffee with a couple of other folk over the week, and enjoyed hearing about having a proper blog plan Literati-Girl   And enjoyed Millysguidetohappiness.  Then I stopped by Trents World

I’ve got various cooking ambitions despite being hampered without an oven, it’s like my right arm has been chopped off, but I think it’s more that a fall back has gone and since I’ve been looking for recipes that are quick simple and easy the oven seems to feature a lot.  I hope to share in due course.

Until next weekend, thanks for popping by.

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Our Faithfull Bialetti

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If we were having coffee I would tell you it feels like 10.30, but really it’s 9.15.  It’s funny how all sense of time changes when you wake up early.  Today it was 5.25 when I snuck out of bed, work churning through my mind. The things that I needed to get down onto paper (think Jerry Maguire) or more appropriately powerpoint.  The house started to move at 7 with the usual weekend activities, the youngest geared up for football and despite the eldest trying to eak out the minutes of a lie in he’s up and ready for swimming.

This weekend we are in the final throws of clearing down our kitchen, the builders move in on Monday and I’ve already taken some shelves down, cleared out some old cupboards.  To say I needed a coffee and that small piece of brownie left for my mid morning snack was and understatement.  As the front door closes it’s straight to the hob and the single Bialetti.

Our Bialetti is a trusted classic espresso maker that has seen us through a good many changes over the last few years, the discolouring, the browning and warmth of use marks the passage of time.  I wonder whether this will work on the new hi-tech induction hob that’s on it’s way and with a pang of guilt knowing it won’t  it’s in that moment I’m transported to the Piazza Della Republica in Florence where we bought the pot on holiday as a momento of the trip.