Desire to Write a Cookbook

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I keep coming back to a burning desire to write a recipe book.  I’m not some amazing foodie or a high flying chef with any stars after my name, however I am someone who cares about the food we eat.  I’m educated enough to know that the provenance of food is important, that we’ve gone way too far in terms of  processed meals.  However I understand it’s about choices and I’m not too precious to say that the odd pre made pizza or packet of reconstituted ham makes its way into the shopping basket.

Reading bird by bird by Anne Lamott, some instructions on writing and life..…the concept of short assignments taking it recipe by recipe!  She stresses over and over its not about getting published, it’s about writing and the love of it.  A trip to the foodie section in any good book store gets me all excited at the same time a pang in my heart kicks off as I think why would my ideas stack up against this lot!

Reality kicks in, these authors have put the hard yards in and becoming a food writer just doesn’t happen because you write a blog post every 3 months or so and call yourself a blogger.

I need to promise to myself not to get caught up in the razzamatazz of the foodie world and stick to my own path.   There are so many great food blogs already, so many great recipe books.  Why do we need another one?  I wonder if Jamie Oliver says to himself, I’ve written 17 books I think I’ll stop there, there are way too many books on the shelves as he stacks another video up on food tube.   This the epitome of success I know.  So I’m going to define what success means for me…….and that really means push on and keep my head down.

There will be peaks and troughs of enthusiasm, I know it’s not going to be easy, what I do have though is a hard working ethic and the will to get things done.  I also need to accept that I’m only human, I have a day job with a busy set of family activities and life continues to throw it’s challenges.   Food writing is a hobby, a chance to share and a way of getting excited about the food we eat.

Another re-read 4/4/17: Just read this through and this feels like another one of those self-motivational talks one gives themselves when they know they need to go to the gym and a new resolution kicks off.  My intention was to declare a public open statement of intent with a view to making a promise to persevere.

I’ve just been spurred on by Andrea Badgley Butterfly Mind piece on ‘The things we focus on are the things that will flourish

It’s time for focus if I want this blog to flourish………

3 thoughts on “Desire to Write a Cookbook

  1. Greetings Edinburgh Cook,
    This is the Aussie cook, who shares your passion for cooking, food writing and also wanting to write a cookbook. For me, food is a form of communication and is infused with love. We say grace every night and the kids call out to bless the hands that made it, and I often wonder when we eat takeaway or something packaged from the supermarket, whether somebody on the other side of the world felt a warm glow. My cookbook focus has been on teaching my kids to cook and I made a serious effort a few years ago when I was ill and haven’t maintained the rage. That said, they’re starting to pick it up for themselves bow and sometimes out of necessity. Teenagers get hungry.Here’s a flash back:
    Back in around 1950, my grandmother helped organize a church cookbook. Their church in Wollongong, Australia had Europeans from over 20 countries and some had fought on opposing sides of the war and this cookbook brought them together. It was called something like Foods around the world and had recipes from all around the world and the name of the contributor underneath.I cherish my copy. It’s so personal.
    I’ve scavenger recipes from my great grandparents in their handwriting and cherish them.
    I think my kids think I’m a nutter but I think I’d managed to instil an appreciation of history and stories.
    On the Scottish front, on one side I’m descended from the Johnstons of Islay from Tallent Farm and possibly Laphroaig. I am fascinated by the place but have never been there and mentioned it in my coffee share post today. Hae you ever been there?
    Well, it’s getting late and I’d better head to bed.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts on cooking. I wish I’d had more foresight to look for any recipes my gran might have had. She was the real cook in my early life. I don’t think she had any though. My grandad now 97 would think I was bonkers if I were to ask him now. I do have her trifle crystal trifle bowl though and that has so many deep memories. Not been to Islay yet, on the bucket list and have sampled a few whiskies though. Especially the laphroig. Very peaty!

      1. I don’t know how big your family is, but chances are somebody has has snaffled her cookbook and might let you scan it if you’re lucky. I scanned my grandmother’s while she was still alive before the snaffling occured and I think I snaffled most of my other grandmother’s recipes. Here in Australia back in their day, they only had a couple of cookbooks they referred to. So, maybe you could find her old recipes that way. Otherwise, get one of your kids to approach your grandad in the name of a “school project”. You never know what they’ll come back with.
        Best wishes,

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