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IMG_06082015 has definitely been the year of home and choices. One evening after coming back from a camping holiday I chose to make a call to the what was then the owner of our new house.  It was a tentative early evening call, in response to an email my wife had sent me to check that the house was indeed still up for sale given that it was fixed price (an unusual state for the neighbourhood we wanted to move into).

Within 15 minutes my son, freshly swapped out of his pyjamas and I were knocking on the door.  I’d not been able to get hold of my wife as she was visiting an aunt at the hospital….she’d also forgotten her phone.  30 minutes later though I was outside on the street about to turn the corner when she drove by, she’d also made a chance choice to drive a different route home than normal and there we were both outside the street.

At that moment there was another choice to make, do we rudely chap on the door again, or do we come back later.  The couple had just sat down for their evening supper, the decision, the choice had been made though and they’d seen us walk down the path.  I’m not sure they believed our coincidence story of a chance meet on the street.  They didn’t mind they wanted to sell there house.

The move was set in motion, a call, a choice, a chance for a new home and a new agenda.

This was written as part of the day 3 writing 101 challenge

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