Mac and Cheese ala Jamie

2015-08-22 18.28.38Mac and Cheese isn’t too taxing and there are a huge number of ways to tackle this big favourite of the boys.  I was looking for a recipe that would use the cauliflower that had come with the vegi box.

I’ve also set myself a target of working through Jamie’s 30 mins slowly and surely learning as I go.  So this was the first recipe to tackle from the book with a slot just slap bang in the middle of tea time just after a 3 year olds birthday.

A little bit of a fuzzy head after a couple of glasses of fizz, my 11 year old son as sous chef. The boss and the 9 year old in charge of the pre dinner dips (under our feet in the same kitchen space), a kitchen that I still can’t find the bits and bobs in.  I think we were in no danger of making this two course meal within 30 mins.

Armed with the spotify top 100 we set off……..Cauliflower Macaroni (Chicory Salad with Insane Dressing and Lovely Stewed Fruit).

The recipe is laid out in a way that takes care of the thinking in terms of what do we do next……the complication for me was keeping the 11 year active on things that would help me along the way….eg measure that, chop this, go get that.

First off the recipe is for 6, so that needed some tweaking on the pasta stakes. No way we were going to eat 500g of pasta.  So scaled that back to 300, and did everything else pretty much as is.    Tweaked by adding in the chopped grilled smoked streaky rather than pancetta, this was supposed to go in the breadcrumb topping and this felt like sacrilege to me to waste that bacon.

2015-08-22 18.10.05

Stewed plums again another household favourite, not done it this way before and loved the orange twist with a bit of brandy….will definitely do this again despite forgetting to put in the cinnamon stick.

2015-08-22 18.26.43

Insane dressing… this was new to the house.  Chicory I found to be quite expensive and also more likely serving 2 with the salad part.  So cut it back to two, the vegi box had some (what I think) was purple basil, and a I added in a bit of mixed salad.   In the end only needed one of the chicory plants.  The dressing was definitely very tasty and the boss is taking half into work to go with her salad.

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