Permission to Start the Year


Been psyching myself up all year to write this post.   There have been a million and one thoughts that I’ve wanted to put down, insightful and entertaining, pure nuggets of gold……all drifted away into the darkness because I didn’t get round to it.

For some reason theres always something else going on stealing those precious moments, always a few rabbit holes to go down and always another job lurking round the corner.  Not helped by the severe winds (I had to rescue the fence) we’ve been suffering here in Scotland, my want and need to have a spring clean around my desk.   Also switched back to OSX Yosemite from Windows 8.1… I thought that might kick start my ability to write by osmosis!

One of my rabbit holes took me to this blog  Journal Fodder Junkies and a post that talks about Permission and Initiative which hit a few nails on the head for me around giving oneself permission to try, fail, experiment, not be perfect and open-up along with having the initiative to get off our lazy butts, break out the tools, accept where we are and trust our ideas.   I’ve stolen the few that resonated with me (hopefully this doesn’t count as ‘not to merely copy’).  If you keep a journal then do check out this site for inspiration and ideas.

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