Chunky Oven Chips

Oven ChipsTried to sneak some oven roasted potato wedges past my nephew this lunch time.  Unfortunately he wasn’t having any of it despite serving with sausages.

We thought we were being really clever, both in using the veggie box staples and catering for a fussy eater who we knew liked chips.  I think that my youngest tipped him off and from that moment on it just wasn’t going to happen!

Place a good sized oven tray into the oven at 180°c, with a little rapeseed oil.

Prepare your chips. We used 2 baked potatoes,  peeled and as best you can cut into straight chunky squares.

I then par boiled for a minute just to take the cold chill from the fridge off them.  Probably not necessary…..I just wanted these to work!

Carefully put the chips onto the heated tray and place back in the oven.

Turn over at 15 mins

At 30 mins sprinkle with a little salt

At 40 mins probably done, depending on how chunky they are

Sometimes You have to Do the Washing Up!

Saturday evening is usually my slot in the kitchen, however last night it was my turn to do the dishes.  In honour of formally marking another year wiser the boss offered to make dinner.  I in exchange would need to keep the boys busy giving mum the time and space she needed to prepare.

Being a fairly cold Saturday afternoon in January I gave the boys two options around museums.  One involving the cinema, night at the museum 3 or the games masters exhibit at the museum. They went for the movie. Deep down I was looking forward to seeing a load of retro games. It would just have to wait.  So night(mare) at the museum it was…..which actually turned out to be pretty good, reminding me to be not so grumpy. That the boys sitting next to me wouldn’t be boys for long.

We came back to a lovely arranged dinner setting, a lady who had not sat down for 5 mins, and amazingly chilled. The table arranged for 4 to begin with, crudity, some nuts, a glass of wine. A pizza for the boys and then some chillax time whilst the main event was rustled up.

  • Pork Chops cooked as per Sweet n Smoky Pork Chops with Cabbage and Mash from The Great British Farmhouse Cook Book
  • A warm salad of roasted kale, coconut and tomatoes from a modern way to eat
  • Pearl Barley and roast courgette salad
  • Chocolate Creme Brulee

It didn’t seem right to get the camera out, sometimes you just to have accept your in the moment and enjoy it…….oh and that it was my turn to wash up.

First Veggie Box of the Year

2015/01/img_0953.jpgSeries 2 of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Food Feast kicked off on the 2nd of January just in time to influence my foodie resolutions. It’s a fairly fun magazine type of cooking program that the kids watch with us as well. One of the articles was about the amount of veg that gets thrown away because it’s ugly. Essentially supermarket chains pre selecting and specifying only the finest shaped food for consumption. When in real life carrots grow in all shapes and sizes. It prompted us to look at our veggies and we decided to take up a weekly veggie box from east coast Organics. We tried them about 10 years ago, and I don’t think I was up to the culinary skills that I thought I needed, then we had kitchen issues, eg none for a good 8 weeks, so we dropped the box and just got out of the habit.

However now we have the impetuous and two growing boys to feed….who are starting to hoover most things up and the great thing is that a bag full of potatoes is a blessing rather than a curse……so we’ve gone for it.

Potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes (or sweet potato), kale, butternut squash, leeks, parsnips, red pepper.

I’ve been trying all week to post some of the recipes we used to get through this small mountain……they will come honest!

Permission to Start the Year


Been psyching myself up all year to write this post.   There have been a million and one thoughts that I’ve wanted to put down, insightful and entertaining, pure nuggets of gold……all drifted away into the darkness because I didn’t get round to it.

For some reason theres always something else going on stealing those precious moments, always a few rabbit holes to go down and always another job lurking round the corner.  Not helped by the severe winds (I had to rescue the fence) we’ve been suffering here in Scotland, my want and need to have a spring clean around my desk.   Also switched back to OSX Yosemite from Windows 8.1… I thought that might kick start my ability to write by osmosis!

One of my rabbit holes took me to this blog  Journal Fodder Junkies and a post that talks about Permission and Initiative which hit a few nails on the head for me around giving oneself permission to try, fail, experiment, not be perfect and open-up along with having the initiative to get off our lazy butts, break out the tools, accept where we are and trust our ideas.   I’ve stolen the few that resonated with me (hopefully this doesn’t count as ‘not to merely copy’).  If you keep a journal then do check out this site for inspiration and ideas.