The First Recipe

tattiehash letterWhen I left for university I wasn’t hapless when it came to food.  I could boil an egg just as well as the next guy, and better than my dad who was the only person I’ve known who’s burnt a boiled egg!  I knew how to grill a chop, boil a potato and cook rice.  A sauce was a luxury item that you bought in a jar and as a student you could make last over a couple of meals.  Looking back now….I knew how to survive, I learnt to shop for myself and I remember the long walk back from Tesco with too much to carry back to my digs after the first shop.  I learned to use a basket rather than a trolley after that day!

The first recipe I consciously remember asking for was from my Gran whilst at university in Sheffield.  This was long before e-mail and I wrote to ask her for it!  She must have thought it strange as this was probably something that was second nature to her.

Back in 94 though, I needed a prescriptive guide that would teach me to cook and if I could crack Tattiehash the world would be my oyster on the culinary front.  My Gran did send me the recipe and I had to interpret a couple of things and in a micro movement that gave the game away….for that small moment I became a cook and I created a little bit of alchemy.   It tasted ok, and now armed with a box of OXO cubes I made it a few times.

I wish back then I’d paid more attention to her notes, and whether she had a recipe collection.   I’d be all over it now!

Do you remember your first recipe?

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