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RedArrowsThis morning I cycled into work twice, not for some strange kind of homage to the opening of the Olympics but due to a mix up over the house keys and the fact I picked up the wrong set after a new arrangement post holiday. It gave me plenty time to think about why I struggle to blog and I thought I would write about some of the things that are needed to write a blog.

Time: An obvious one and hopefully I’m going to show I’ve conquered this one and I’ll share at a later date how if I manage!

Confidence: Hopefully this doesn’t sound strange, but I think this is about finding a blogging voice and being ermm ‘confident’ about the view, the information or the story you present and to be happy with what you have to say.

It amazes me the confidence that young people have, sometimes to the point of being envious and it makes me think at what point did I loose mine……and it’s at this point whilst I’m writing that I start thinking who is going to want to read this and I start thinking this is hard and that I need to overcome some kind of invincible barrier to get onto the island of bloggers…… I’m going to put this to one side, put the negative voices in a box and carry on regardless!

So confident blogging from now on ……

I came across this site, confident blogging And particularly liked the article on what it means to blog. I could relate to this and it started me thinking about what blogging means to me and I’ve decided that it is anything I want it to be that I want to express at that moment and time. Writing is an art that needs to be practiced and this is my forum to practice about things that are ramblings to me.

Justification: Leading on from confidence I always feel that I need to justify what I’m writing about, like I need to have a reason to be taking somebodies time up. I’m not sure if this is the right place to put this link and hopefully no offence is taken by placing this link here. I loved this freshly pressed article Who’s your Daddy Blogger From the picture about ‘being calm write a blog’ through to the content with an element of why to blog but through to the openness of the writing style. I’m a daddy who writes a blog do I need to justify myself anymore than that. So job done!

Topics: I don’t always feel like writing about the same thing, there are a million and 1 food blogs….whys mine going to be better than anybody else’s? As a family man and an IT guy….I’m exposed to so many things. I know writing about various things might limit my audience by confusion but for me it might restrict my writing if I can’t write about what’s going on at home or in my head about work. Topics should be about what you want to write about and its as simple as that and add in a sprinkling of how you want to write it.

Inspiration: following on from topics, I don’t think I lack here and you can get it from everywhere and everything. Do something to find yours. Just to end this piece….I’m going with the Olympics as a theme of inspiration……wow this is massive ….so today the official start day of the 2012 Olympics. I’m sat watching the warmup before the opening ceremony starts. There is so much confidence in sport, a warmth and comaradery, a power in what these people are trying to do that brings the world nations together. It’s an amazing feet of organisation and commitment from the human race.

The picture above, I popped out at lunch time to take, the red arrows as they flew over the castle and the rings that have graced us with there presence. If you’re tuning in then enjoy.

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