Bus Ticket

IMG_NEWMy first day back at work after a great 2 week break camping in France. I was not sure whether I was coming or going, dazed by my first proper nights sleep in a two week spell and a little bit down by the holiday being over and wondering what might be lurking in the corners. The usual razzmatazz of preparing for a day in the office (shirt and tie etc) ensued, again an alien concept to a camper! On checking the pocket of my suit trousers I found my last bus ticket for the day before my holiday. It made me realise how much time had actually flown by. Returning back from holiday often reminds me of the things that I didn’t do before I got away. The insurance renewals, the people I was supposed to phone and the things that I thought were important at the time but arn’t now with a little perspective. I wonder how long it will take before I’m caught up the office train once more.

One of the things I returned to was the renewal of my WordPress domain name and what to do about it. Do the 10 posts I’ve made over the year justify the spend or should I move it so I can dabble html wise some more some place else. I’ve got one more day to decide, however I know I’m going to let it rumble on as I have a plan for tackling my lack of posts and as a post holiday resolution I’m going to write 15 mins a day just for me, might be on my blog here or just in my journal (again a long time sufferer of lack of content).

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