Switch from PC to Mac – its in the bag


Wow…..I’m sitting here both excited and daunted…and amazed….and scared…and in awe.  I am typing away on my new mac mini……but lets rewind.  As you’ll remember from yesterdays scribble….I decided to buy a mac.  So at 2pm I dutifully turned up at the collection point at the store wondering whether the John Lewis delivery service was as good as they were making out.  Would I have had a wasted journey?  Two people came in after me and had been given there wares, my man hadn’t returned so I was getting quite anxious! …but not to worry he returned with two packages.  The last time I’d been to collection point was for some lego and in came in a huge box so I was looking forward to seeing how the mac mini would arrive.

Just as I got through the door I received a text to say my parcels were ready to pickup! Ha Ha….I have them here. So then I decide to pleasure delay and give my humble desk a much needed detox, hoover and dust. I ripped all the wires out the back of the pc and decided this was the right time to start a new!

4 hours later as a treat I start to unpack. I new I was in for a treat…but not sure how much. I was not disappointed.

The Outer Layer

Stroke the Box

The Weigh In

I thought I’d have a bit of a weigh in.  David and Goliath!  and then the opening….

Mac Mini

Amazing little box doesn’t do it justice, it just oozes beauty.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to turn it on.  That would confirm the new world I was entering into.

The box came with 2 leads, the power lead and a dvi to hdmi adapter…the game was on.  I was just about to turn it on when I realised I hadn’t opened  the keyboard and the trackpad in my excitement…..at this point I noticed the wording on the keyboard box, setup with existing keyboard!  Fortunately I ignored this and turned the Mac on. Both keyboard and trackpad registered with the mac within seconds. The walk through was pretty slick and pain free. The only thing that threw me was whether to enter a password and whether I to join iCloud, that window is still up.

So to recap, I have a mac mini, which I’ve plugged into the DVI connector (using the supplied adapter and my old pc monitor cable). Along with Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad.  I was up and running within 10 mins. I also forgot to plug in the router, which I did mid way through at the prompt for wifi, clicked back and then next and it seamlessly carried on.

I can’t believe how quiet it is!….and the sleep setting, amazing. My wife has just come in and said the room even smells better….I said it’s the apple smell they pump it out into the room!!

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