The Summary: 18 Mar 2012

I’m liking the look of

Chocolate Bundt Cake from 101 Cookbooks

Stout Loaf from Dan Lepard in the Guardian

Mini Carrot Cakes from Ed Kimber…..why do I stumble across things like this!

What I’ve I tried this week

Pop Up Cafe Halva Flapjacks

Jamies Britain 2011 Roasted Apple & Squash Soup…..I love the fact you can just bang this  in the oven.   Add stock later and blitz.  Featured on shufflingthroughlife

A couple of Waitrose recipes from their mag

February 2012: Harissa Salmon  …… nothing to write home about

March 2012: Crushed Raspberry Tart ….. Interesting recipe from Donna Hay Seasons.  V V sweet,  a good way to use up the puff pastry we had in the freezer.  Also a learning curve for me on the puff pastry front.  ….. Again not a recipe for life

Ed Kimbers hot cross buns…..very easy recipe….not sure what they taste like…breakfast tomorrow



Worlds Best Pop Up Cafe

Mothers Day in the UK and this year we were very disorganised at booking somewhere for lunch.  I tried a couple of places the night before and they were fully booked.  Fortunately we woke to blue skies and decided to head out.

The place…..our very own pop up cafe.  Our own freshly brewed coffee (albeit in a flask) and some home baking from the day before…..which had matured nicely.

As I poured the coffee with the sun in my face, I started to think why don’t we do this more often!

The flapjack beauty’s are from a Dan Lepard recipe I found in the guardian, and I see have been featured at the littleloaf wordpress blog.  They are perfect for camping and walking trips a like. Fudgy and chunky at the same time.  These aren’t for the faint hearted!

So the view from our pop up cafe….Edinburgh Castle, sat there in it’s majesty.  The forth rail bridge in the background.  Definitely worth getting the boys up  Salisbury Crag and packing that flask.

Where are you going to create your pop up cafe?