Scriblin on the train to Leuchars 2011

I’m sat on the train with my two boys heading to the RAF Leuchars airshow. We are on a very early train and the boys and I are surrounded by all kinds, mostly male. Some people are veterans wearing military and air insignia, others grandpa’s with there children, some of the older folk donning strange hats that only old people wear and I know that one day that will probably be me. Then there are others, newbies like myself included. I’ve been waiting for the boys to be old enough to full fill my longing to attend an airshow. This one slightly surrounded by the mystery of whether it will run next year due to the chat around the army moving onto the base instead of the RAF.

We don’t travel often on the train especially north into Fife (I joke about needing a passport to get into the Kingdom). One of the highlights is crossing the Forth railway bridge and for once I can gaze at the wonders of the sea rather than adhere to the 50mph speed limit of the Forth Road bridge keeping my place in the line of a very busy artery of the Scottish transport system and an amazing feet of engineering.

So I’m halfway through my staycation and trying to reflect on the past week and wondering how to make the most of the next week.  In total I’ve probably got 12 full hours of dedicated me time to play with and an hour and a half already booked as a gym induction my back twinges at the thought!

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